Private Instructional Personnel (PIPs) Providing Services In-School Services

  • Processes for Coordinating PIP Support in Schools beginning April 5, 2021

    With improved public pandemic health conditions, school experience in public health modified operations, and increasing availability of vacinnes operations after the first quarter of 2021, BCPS will recommence processes for PIPs to provide services during the school day in school buildings on April 5, 2021 with the following conditions:

    1. The parent/guardian or the PIP must complete the District level Application and Acknowledgement Form for Private Instructional Personnel (PIPs).
    2. Have submitted and had approved a 2021 RBT,or non-RBT PIP, school packet. There are separate packets and processes for PIPs that had an approved application for School Year 2019-20 and those who are making initial application for School Year 2020-21.
    3. COVID-19 PIP/RBT and Parent(s) acknowledgement form 

    Forms are provided on the left pane.

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