Psychological Services

Psychological Services
  • What do School Psychologists do?

    • Provide direct support and interventions to students
    • Consult with families, school staff, and other professionals to improve support strategies
    • Work with administrators to improve school-wide practices and policies
    • Collaborate with community providers to coordinate needed services

    How do School Psychologists Support Schools?

    Improve Student Achievement

    • Promote student motivation and engagement
    • Conduct psychological and academic assessments
    • Collect and interpret student and classroom data

    Promote Positive Behavior and Mental Health

    • Provide crisis intervention
    • Assess student emotional and behavioral needs
    • Promote problem solving, anger management, and conflict resolution
    • Improve communication and social skills
    • Provide individual and group counseling
    • Reinforce positive coping skills and resilience
    • Promote positive peer relationships
    • Participate in threat assessments and violence prevention activities

    Support Diverse Learners

    • Assess diverse learning needs
    • Support students and families from diverse cultural backgrounds
    • Assist in developing IEPs for students with disabilities
    • Effectively communicate with parents about student progress

    Strengthen Family-School Partnerships

    • Help families understand children’s learning and mental health needs
    • Assist in navigating special education processes
    • Connect families with community service providers
    • Enhance staff understanding of diverse cultures and background

    Support Preschool Programs for Exceptional Students

    • Provide diagnostic screening for children aged birth to five
    • Work with Speech/Language Pathologists to conduct assessments
    • Help families get services for preschool children with disabilities