ESOL Training Requirements - CATEGORY I

  • Primary English/Language Arts/Reading Teachers 

    Any teacher who teaches one or more ESOL students their "primary English/Language Arts or Reading" class is a CATEGORY I teacher. CATEGORY I requires the addition of either the ESOL Endorsement or the ESOL Subject Area Coverage to your valid certificate by one of the methods below:

    State ESOL Endorsement - Requirements
    • Certification in another subject appropriate to the teaching assignment
    • 15 semester hours, 300 inservice points, or a combination of both in ESOL with a credit in:
      • Methods of teaching English to speakers of other languages
      • ESOL curriculum and materials development
      • Cross-cultural communication and understanding
      • Testing and evaluation of ESOL
      • Applied linguistics


    Begins the day and month you are assigned an ESOL student. Should your teaching assignment change, you must continue to complete requirements per the timeline below. Failure to do so will result in your non-renewal. 

    • First two school years› 3 semester hours or 60 inservice points
    • Year 3 › 6 semester hours or 120 inservice points
    • Year 4 › 9 semester hours or 180 inservice points
    • Year 5 › 12 semester hours or 240 inservice points
    • Year 6 › 15 semester hours or 300 inservice points

    Deadline to have training completed for each school year is by the end of April
    • If you are using college courses, you must submit an official transcript(s) to the Certification Office clearly marked "For ESOL Credit".

     ESOL Subject Area Coverage K-12 - Requirements

    Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in TESOL
    Passing score on the ESOL Subject Area exam

    Passing Score on the ESOL Subject Area Exam*

    Must obtain 120 inservice points or 6 semester hours of equivalent courses within three (3) years from the date of receipt of the ESOL certificate 

    *Please see the Department of Education’s Technical Assistance Paper and Q & A on use of the subject area exam for ESOL for additional information.

    PLEASE NOTE: YOU SAVE NO MONEY BY WAITING TO ADD THE ENDORSEMENT, OR THE SUBJCT COVERAGE AREA, AT RENEWAL TIME. Adding something to one's certificate and renewing one's certificate are two separate issues. Each requires a different application and a separate $75 fee. 

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