• Production

    The BECON production team is behind the creation and ongoing production of student-based programs like Shortcuts, Broward Teen News, and School Duel.

    Our producers provide instruction and guidance for school production classes and projects, helping students learn the creative process of using video to communicate effectively.

    BECON Sports recruits student volunteers to capture and broadcast live sports events throughout the District.

    The production team records and broadcasts all School Board meetings, and manages live streaming and a searchable archive of all past meetings.

    Great stories of exceptional students and teachers are unfolding every day. BECON searches out and tells those stories via video hosted online and broadcast on WBEC-TV. If you know a great story in your school, call BECON and tell us about it!  


    BCPS employees click here for Production Services request. 

    For more information contact us @ 754-321-1000.