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    All videos on District and school websites now must include closed captioning. BECON provides the equipment and services needed to meet this requirement. Call to learn how to have your videos closed captioned.

    Buying new video or display equipment for your school or department? BECON Engineering can help you make sure you get the best value and that your new equipment will be fully compatible with other hardware tools used in the District. Before you buy, call BECON for the latest information on the best equipment available within your budget.

    IPTV is a powerful video creation and distribution tool now available in every school in the District. BECON manages the IPTV system and can help you learn how to use it for producing morning announcements, storing your video productions, and scheduling instructional broadcast programs for on-demand playback in classrooms. 

    BECON maximizes the value of every District dollar spent on video and display equipment by repairing broken equipment and, when possible, moving it to where it’s needed most. Before you B-Stock, call BECON! We can often breathe new life into still useful equipment and move it to another school where it is needed, saving District resources to be used where needed most.

    For more information contact us @ 754-321-1000.