• Back To School 20|21

  • Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) is providing an enhanced, school-linked eLearning platform. This approach maintains a student’s connection to their base school, faculty, and staff, and reinforces the social connections they have already developed with their peers. 

    Significant enhancements have been made to BCPS eLearning over the past few months, with the full support and engagement of the Broward County School Board. Since March, we have fine-tuned the platform, enhanced the amount of time teachers spend interacting with their students, distributed over 100,000 computer devices, and developed numerous tools to provide eLearning training to students, parents, and teachers.  

    Enhancements to eLearning:

    • Students and teachers follow a similar schedule as they would at school. 
    • Every day, students interact with their teachers through our secure video conferencing application, Microsoft Teams. 
    • Students will be able to see their classmates and teachers via webcams and interact with them in a virtual classroom. 
    • We are ensuring that all students have access to a device and the internet, regardless of their socio-economic status. 
    • The District is providing intensive training and learning acceleration guidance and support to schools and teachers. 

    Canvas, the District’s learning management system, allows teachers to share content, assignments and provide feedback to students, individually or in groups. Canvas also lets students respond to discussion posts on topics that relate to the content they are learning in class. 

  • Daily Attendance 

    Regular attendance is an important leading indicator to help predict academic success. As our community begins the 2020/21 school year in the virtual setting, students are expected to attend eLearning during the scheduled class time.

    Students will be recorded as present when they are in attendance during their teacher's live teaching session in the digital learning environment.

    An absence will be recorded when students are not seen by their teacher during the scheduled class time in the live teaching session.

    Teachers should be flexible and take into account the individual student's circumstances for attendance.

    Grades K-5 Attendance 

    • The homeroom teacher will record student attendance in Pinnacle.
    • Student attendance will be recorded during live teaching sessions.
    • The student must be present during the live teaching session to be recorded as Present.
    • Students who are late to their teacher's live teaching session will be recorded as Tardy (unexcused).
    • Students who are not present in the teacher's digital learning environment during the school day will be recorded as Absent (unexcused).

    Grades 6-12 Attendance 

    • Teachers for each class period will record student attendance in Pinnacle during their scheduled class each school day.
    • The student must be present during the live teaching session to be counted as Present for each class.
    • Students who are not present in the teacher's live teaching session during the scheduled class time will be recorded as Absent (unexcused).
    • Students who login late to their scheduled class will be recorded as Tardy (unexcused).
    • A student who is not present in the teacher's live teaching session will be recorded as Absent (unexcused).

    Parents: Reporting an Excused Absence

    Report an Excused Absence Online

    Parents are encouraged to report the reason for absence to the school's attendance manager.

    Using the Online Absence Reporting Form on your child's school website, under Contact in the main menu, select "Report an Absence."

    Parents will receive an emailed copy of the submitted form. The submitted form will be reviewed by the attendance manager.

    BCPS Mobile App

    The BCPS Mobile App includes real-time attendance for students from kindergarten through 12th grade. Parents are encouraged to monitor daily student attendance to ensure that their child's attendance is accurate. 

    Report an Absence by Phone: Attendance Line

    Parents may report a reason for absence by phone using the school's attendance line, posted on the "Report an Absence" page of the school's website.

  • BCPS eLearning Options 

    Distance learning, eLearning, virtual learning, online learning, and remote learning are largely interchangeable terms for the same type of learning modality which delivers instruction, personalized courses, and educational content that is distributed digitally via the Internet.  Most of these programs offer a mix of live and recorded instruction and a menu of grade-appropriate content across traditional areas of study – English, math, science, and the arts.  But the similarities usually end there.  Some online service providers charge a fee for their courses while others are not accredited or certified as achieving base quality standards.  

    At BCPS, students can choose between two online learning options – BCPS eLearning or Broward Virtual School (BVS) – both of which provide high-quality instruction at no cost, are fully accredited, and offer flexible schedules.  A few differences do exist parents and students should be aware of:   

    BCPS eLearning is linked to your child’s school and provides: 

    • Continuity of the student experience, campus connections and sense of community, 
    • Wrap-around support services like Mental Health provided in a familiar environment, 
    • Familiar study tools like Canvas, BECON programming, and social and athletic clubs, and  
    • Access to specialized coursework and sought-after programs at Magnet Schools and schools providing industry certification. 

    Broward Virtual School (BVS) also has some advantages including: 

    • Part-time enrollment (grades 6-12 only,) 
    • Control over curriculum and timeframe to complete studies, and 
    • Access to BVS courses for students from traditional schools  

    On the downside, BVS does not provide continuity or a shared sense of community for the student since study is not linked to the student’s current school.   

    Either way, Broward County’s students receive a great educational experience and learn from world-class educators who are committed to their success and personal growth.