eLearning: Phase 2 Return to Classroom and at Home Schedule

  • Back To School 20|21

  • We will begin welcoming our students who have selected the in-school option on Friday, October 9, 2020. Parents who wish to revisit their previously selected school reopening option should call their school and speak with the school's administration.

    Option to switch learning modalities 
    Once classes have started, your child is expected to remain in the learning modality of your choice for the remainder of the semester (January 8, 2021).

    You may still request to modify your choice 
    • eLearning at home to face-to-face eLearning at school. Availability will be based on space remaining within your school.
    • Face-to-Face eLearning at school to eLearning at home. No restrictions.

Calendar of Transition to eLearning: Phase 2