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  • The 2024 Strategic Plan was developed after a year-long development process facilitated by the Office of Strategic Initiative Management (SIM). This involved collaboration with stakeholders across the District, including students, teachers, school-based and District staff and administrators, families, community members, and local business and non-profit partnering organizations. Engagement took place through the Strategic Plan Committee, various community-wide surveys conducted, multiple focus groups, school and departmental visits, planning retreats, and other forums throughout the year.

    A comprehensive Environmental Scan was conducted by SIM to examine various internal and external factors impacting our future direction, including demographic, economic, political, and legislative shifts, peer District and national trends, industry and market demands, our own historical trend data and past performance, statistical modeling to forecast and set appropriate Targets, and research around best practices in strategic planning and change management.

    The phases of development included review and revision as appropriate of our Vision, Mission, Core Values, Goals, and Initiatives. The Vision and Mission remained constant from our 2016-19 Strategic Plan, but the 2024 Strategic Plan includes a streamlined and modernized set of 5 Core Values, 3 Strategic Goals, 6 Campaigns, and 20 Initiatives. Progress of the plan is reported quarterly - both in terms of Initiative implementation and data around Metrics where available.

    Review and revision of the plan is on an as needed basis to ensure that the plan remains a living document which is flexible and responsive to the evolving needs of our stakeholders over time.

    Using the Strategic Plan Survey, you may share your proposal with us, completing a separate form for each proposal. The information that you provide will help us better assess how your proposal matches with our District priorities, resources, and capabilities to deliver on them.

    Proposals will be reviewed by the Strategic Plan Steering Committee and are subject to approval by the School Board. Approved proposals will be included in a future re-publication of the 2024 Strategic Plan.

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