American Rescue Plan and Instructional Continuity Plan/Safe Return to School

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  • Instructional Continuity Plan/Safe Return to School

    The Florida Department of Education (FDOE) is committed to ensuring continuity of the instructional and learning support services provided to communities when standard operating procedures are disrupted due to emergency situations. To mitigate the educational impacts during an emergency or pandemic, the FDOE developed an Instructional Continuity Framework that consists of ten components, each of which has a series of development activities. These components have served as guidance resources for Broward County Public Schools to develop and refine our own ICP. 

    Each district was required to develop and make publically available, its plan for the safe return of in-person learning in the Fall of 2020 and an instructional continuity plan that continues to be enhanced. 

    BCPS Instructional Continuity Plan Rev. 12-16-22

    ICP Attachment

    BCPS ICP on File with FDOE

    BCPS Instructional Continuity Plan Feedback/Input