Major Functions

Audit Functions
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    • Perform Audits of Internal Accounts of over 200 schools, centers and departments.
    • Perform current status reports of both internal and external audits in order to assess the implementation of audit recommendations.
    • Perform operational reviews of District departments, including Maintenance, VACE, Accounts Payable and Central Warehouse.
    • Perform audits and oversight functions of the District’s capital construction program, including Construction audits and review of professional service contracts with architects.
    • Participate in revising and improving construction and architectural contracts.
    • Participate in contract closings and substantial completion inspections.
    • Perform audits as required by terms and conditions of District contracts with various outside agencies. (i.e., Grants)
    • Perform special analyses requested by the Superintendent.
    • Perform financial, compliance and management reviews of District departments and functions, such as F.T.E. Audits, School Food Services and I&T activities.
    • Coordinate/oversee audits performed by external audits.
    • Participate in various committees within the District, such as, Consultant Review Committee (CRC), Facilities Task Force, budget Ad-Hoc Committee, Technology Advisory Committee, HMRS Committee, and the Audit Committee.


Audit Authority

  • Office of the Chief Auditor - School Board Policy 1002.1

    The Management Audits Department, established by the School Board on May 19, 1977, is redesignated as the Office of the Chief Auditor (OCA). The Office shall be headed by the Chief Auditor, who shall report administratively to the Superintendent and shall be accountable to the School Board of Broward County, and the Audit Committee. Click here for complete Policy 1002.1

    Florida Statutes Section 1011.07(1)

    The district school board shall be responsible for the administration and control of all local school funds derived by any public school from all activities or sources, and shall prescribe the principles and procedures to be followed in administering these funds consistent with regulations adopted by the State Board of Education.

    State Board of Education Administration Rules 6A-1.087

    Provide for an annual audit of internal funds by a person certified by the State Board of Accountancy as a Certified Public Accountant, or a public accountant or a qualified internal auditing staff employed by the board.

    Scope of Internal Audit

    It is our responsibility to provide reasonable assurance that internal controls are in place to achieve the following:

    • Reliability and integrity of information.
    • Compliance with policies, plans, procedures, laws, and regulations.
    • Safeguarding of assets against unauthorized acquisition, use and/or disposition.
    • Effective and efficient use of resources.
    • Accomplishment of established objectives and goals for operations and programs.

Contact Information

  • Audit Department

    600 SE Third Avenue

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301

    Phone: 754-321-2400

    Fax: 754-321-2719

    TTL: --

    Fraud Hotline

    Phone: 754-444-9513

    Joris Jabouin, CPA

    Chief Auditor