School Safety

School Safety

Report a Safety or Security Concern

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  • The Broward County Public School's Special Investigative Unit (SIU) provides school safety services and training to students, parents, district employees and community members on topics such as Silence Hurts and school violence. Additionally, SIU collaborates with site administrators to facilitate emergency drills, assists with school safety plans, and conducts site assessments to help improve the safety and security of BCPS sites.

Minimize Your Chances of Being Victimized

    • Be aware of your surroundings at all times
    • Report all suspicious incidents to the appropriate authority immediately
    • Schools shall have sign in and sign out sheets
    • Schools shall provide visitor passes
    • School district employees shall wear identification badges
    • All vendors shall wear school district issued identification badges
    • Always lock your doors and don't loan your keys. Keys can be duplicated
    • Never prop open doors for someone to enter later. This leaves the area open to anyone walking by
    • Never leave valuables (i.e. purse, wallet. credit cards, jewelry, etc.) visible; secure in a locked cabinet or drawer
    • Never carry large sums of money
    • Be more safety conscious after hours and weekends/holidays
    • Be familiar with your school's safety and security plan

Off-Campus Safety Tips

    • Park in a well lit area at night. Check the area before leaving the car. Walk to your car with keys ready
    • Check the back seat before entering. Someone could be hiding there
    • While driving, keep the doors locked so no one can jump in at a red light. Keep enough gas in your tank for emergencies
    • If you are followed by another car, drive to a police station or business with lights and people. Do not go home with someone following you
    • If your car breaks down lift the hood, put on the flashers, wait for help with doors locked
    • Ask people who stop to call the police or AAA. Keep an envelope with quarters and telephone numbers for emergency calls

Bicycle Anti-Theft Tips

    • Lock your bike. The best protection for your bike is to secure it properly with a hardened steel "U" - shaped lock. These locks are only effective if the lock is hooded through the bicycle frame and secured to a fixed object, such as the designated bicycle racks on campus
    • If you discover your bike missing, contact administration and law enforcement immediately
    • To assist in the recovery of your bike should it be stolen, you should record the serial number off the frame and keep it in your wallet; engrave your driver's license number on the frame

Contact Information

  • Special Investigative Unit

    7720 W Oakland Park Blvd.

    Sunrise, Florida 33351

    Phone: 754-321-0725

    Fax: 754-321-0930

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    Kevin Nosowicz

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