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  • Guia para el Uso de la App del Distrito Escolar de Broward

    Welcome To Your New District App!

    Thank you for your interest in Broward School District’s app!  We hope you find this a helpful tool for staying informed about District and school happenings, and engaging with us when there is information to share.  Below are some tips for downloading the app and using its various features.

    Getting Started
    The Broward School District app is available for iOS and Android devices (phones, tablets).  It is not yet available for Windows devices and cannot be accessed by a computer.

    To download the free app:

    • Visit the App Store or Google Play, or scan the QR code
    • Search for Broward School District
    • Follow the steps indicated for download

    Once the app has loaded on your device, open it and swipe it to the left (if necessary) to see all the various information modules.  Next, complete the following configurations:

    • Language preference.  Select your language preference in Settings.  The default is U.S. English, but there are more than 60 other languages you can choose.
    • Notifications.  Click into this area to set up your notifications.  By default, everyone who downloads the app will receive District notifications and will get a “push” alert when there is a new message.  You can choose to receive notifications from individual schools as well, and can elect to turn alerts off, meaning you will only see notifications if you click into that module.
    • News.  By default you are receiving the District’s news, Facebook and Twitter feeds.  You can customize the feeds you receive by clicking the “gear” icon in the news module.  If your school is not listed, that means they do not yet have streaming news feed available.
    • Calendar.  By default you are receiving information from the District events calendar.  You can customize the feeds you receive by clicking the “gear” icon in the calendar module.  If your school is not listed, that means they do not yet have a streaming calendar feed available.
    • Sports.  When you click the sports module, you will be able to see the Broward Tribune’s live sports feed. 
      • Scores.  To see the scores and schedules of your favorite Broward sports team, click the scores module and click “change” in the top right-hand corner.  From there, select the high school and the sport.  Once your selections are made, you will receive a live feed from MaxPreps.
      • Sites.  Some of the sports teams have their own news or social media feeds.  Click the sites module and click “change” in the top right-hand corner.  From there, select the high school and the sport you’re interested in.  If you don’t see your sport listed, they do not yet have a streaming news feed available.

    Other Functions

    • Directory.  Here, you will find address, map, website, phone, and e-mail information for each school and for the District Office.
    • Facebook and Twitter.  Go directly to the District’s social media sites.
    • Superintendent.  Read Superintendent Scott’s bio and any special messages he has posted.
    • School Board.  See bio information on our Board of Directors and click in to see meeting dates and minutes.
    • School Meals.  See what’s on the menu at our schools!
    • My School Bucks.  Connect to the My School Bucks website to add money to your child’s meal account.
    • Resources.  Find links to important reference information, like this Help Guide , the Tip Line Usage Guidelines document, a map of the District, our Bullying and Harassment Policy, and more.
    • ParentVUE and StudentVUE.  While our app cannot “talk” directly to the ParentVUE and StudentVUE apps, we wanted to at least provide a link to the portal login and information on how to download those apps to your mobile device.
    • YouTube.  This is the District’s YouTube channel, featuring District- and school-created videos.

    Tip Line
    One of the more important functions of our app is its ability to provide a tip line.  The tip line is a way for students, staff, parents and community patrons to let us know about things going on in and around our schools—both positive and negative.  A separate Usage Guidelines document has been created for the tip line.  Please refer to that if you have questions about how tips will be handled by our schools.

    Here are some issues you may experience and suggestions on how to fix them.

    • Problem: I click a module and no information appears.
      • Suggestion: Have you selected your preferences for that module?  If not, try clicking the “gear” icon in the top, right-hand corner and making your selections from there.  When you are finished, click the “done” button in the top left-hand corner to go back into the main section of that module, and click the “home” button to go back into the app and select a new module.
      • Suggestion: If this happens when you are clicking one of the modules that takes you to a different website, like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, you may need to download those individual apps to maximize your experience within the District app. 
    • Problem: I click a module and the “spinning wheel” just keeps spinning.
      • Suggestion: The ParentLink server may be experiencing a heavy volume and running slowly.  Wait a bit and try again.
      • Suggestion: Do you have an older phone?  That could be the issue.  You can try shutting your phone off completely, letting it sit for a bit, then turning it back on to see if that helps. 
    • Problem: The app just doesn’t seem to be loading/functioning properly.
      • Suggestion: Try uninstalling and then reinstalling the app to see if that helps.
      • Suggestion: It may just be that the app is too much for your phone if your phone is older.

    Other Questions/Suggestions
    If you have other questions that haven’t been addressed here, suggestions on how to make the app better, or just want to talk to a live person, please feel free to contact our Webmaster Bob Johnson or 999.999.9999.