Training Directions

Online Training
  •  (Download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print PDF)

    1. Click here to complete Pre-Test
    2. Click on and work through each type of maltreatments: Physical, Psychological Maltreatment, Domestic Violence, Neglect, Abandonment, Threatened Harm, Sexual Abuse, Child on Child Sexual Abuse.
    3. Click here to view case studies.  Choose one case study that corresponds to your school level (Elementary, Middle, High or Center), or area of practice.
    4. Print the Case Example Requirement Form and complete it, using the case study that you chose.  The Case Example Requirement Form MUST be reviewed and signed  by  your child abuse designee (District staff, please consult the school Guidance Dept. for the appointed Child Abuse Designee at your school)
    5. Click here to print the Child Abuse Report Form (4002B) and fill it out completely providing fictitious information for the Hotline section of the form (counselor’s name, I.D#, time and date of your call, whether the report was accepted for investigation or not), using the case study that you choose.  Incomplete forms will be returned.
    6. Click here to complete the online Post Test. You must score at least 80% to pass, Only TWO RETESTS will be permitted, the Child Abuse Program Manager receives the test score electronically. You will not be able to print the test score. Once you have completed the test and received a score, proceed to steps 7 and 8 whether you pass or fail. If you failed the test the third time, you will be required to complete an additional assignment, which will be sent to you upon reviewing your submitted materials (Case Example, Child Abuse Report Form and the Survey), to ensure mastery of the material.
    7. Click here to complete the Evaluation Form.
    8. Send via PONY or regular MAIL:  the completed Case Example Requirement Form, the Child Abuse Report Form(4002B), and the Evaluation Form to:

    Yva Dieudonne
    Program Manager, Child Abuse Services
    Lauderdale Manors Early Learning and Family Resource Center
    1400 NW 14th Court, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33311


Special Instructions

  • You may be unable to access the Pre and Post tests, and may see incomplete or inaccurate information on this site, if your computer has been used previously for the child abuse training and it retains traces from the past. To fix this problem, you must take actions while your web browser is open:

    • If using Safari, choose “empty cache” under the Safari icon at the top left of the computer screen.
    • If using Firefox, choose “clear private data” under the Tools menu at the top. Place a check mark by all items except “saved passwords” and click on “clear private data now”.
    • If using Internet Explorer, “choose Refresh” at the top of the computer screen.
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