Send Your Sales Tax to Schools

  • Send Your Sales Tax to Schools

  • Businesses can donate to schools, at no cost, a percentage of the sales tax they collect, to support technology in classrooms. To donate monthly, use the Online Florida Department of Revenue sales and use tax return forms. Maximum monthly donation amount is $30.

    Every small investment helps our students and teachers in a BIG way!

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How will this help Broward County Public Schools?

  • Broward County Public Schools is a leader in integrating technology into the learning environment in thousands of classrooms and school media centers throughout the District.

    Technology is constantly evolving. Your donation will help provide students with current technology to support their education.


Here are some results from the donations:

  • Computer Support
    More computers to support 
    excellence in education.
    New Technology
    New technology to enhance 
    21st century learning.
    Modern Media
    Modern media centers with 
    advanced, digital environments 
    for optimized student and 
    teacher engagement.
    Professional Support
    Professional development for 
    teachers on integrating 
    technology in the classroom.

  • What is the origin of this initiative?

    In 2006, the Florida Legislature approved a law that allows businesses to donate a portion of the sales tax they collect to the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund. The money collected goes to the school district where the business is located to support classroom technology and teacher training.

  • Why is this initiative important?

    Public schools need your support to help our students reach their highest potential. Incorporating more technology into the learning process enhances student achievement.

  • What will the sales tax funds be used for?

    The money will be used to upgrade and/or increase the number of technology devices for students, as well as professional development for teachers.

  • Who can donate sales tax funds?

    Businesses that are entitled to a collection allowance can choose to donate the amount of the allowance to the Fund. They may only do this if they file online, on time.   

    DR-15 Return

  • How much money can a business donate?

    Tax filers are able to donate a collection allowance of 2.5% of the first $1,200 of sales tax due, with a maximum of $30 monthly.

  • How does a business make a donation?

    To make a donation, use one of the Florida Department of Revenue’s online return forms; DR-15, DR-15EZ or DR-15CON. Make sure to check the collection allowance box on the form. Taxpayers who fill in the “check box” located on these forms will be directing the Department of Revenue to deposit the collection allowance into the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund.

    This selection must be made every time a return is filed.

    Taxpayers who check the appropriate box should leave the collection allowance amount line on the return blank. The state will calculate the proper collection. This is especially helpful if the taxpayer files a consolidated return for more than one location.

  • Is there a cost to donate?

    No. The funds come directly from the sales tax collected.

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