Office Support Personnel

  • Office Support Personnel provide vital support to the management functions of a school or department and assists with the efficient running of projects and processes. Office Support Personnel perform routine clerical and administrative duties helping organize files, draft messages and memos, schedule appointments, and provide support to other staff. Professional development programs are available to enhance the knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary to provide quality services to students, teachers, administrators and other support staff.

  • Office Support Personnel Program

    The purpose of the program is to enable office personnel to have the knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary to provide quality office services to students, teachers, administrators, support staff, and other members of the School and District educational community.


    • Articulate the vision and mission of the school or department and the District.
    • Support the efforts of the school, district, and state to achieve ongoing goals for school improvement.
    • Apply the appropriate laws, rules, policies, and procedures which govern the operation of the School, District or Department within the scope of the responsibilities of the position.
    • Prepare professionally and grammatically correct correspondence and written reports.
    • Manage their job responsibilities effectively.
    • Demonstrate effective communication with students, teachers, administrators, parents, and all other stakeholders as a representative of the school system.
    • Provide the necessary customer services for internal personnel and community members in an effective and efficient manner.
    • Utilize available resources to become proficient in the District s technology software and/or systems as required per their job descriptions.

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