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Advanced Placement At A Glance


    Visit the College Board's AP Coronavirus Updates page for more information.

    AP Coronavirus Updates Page


    AP Program

    The Advanced Placement program created by the College Board allows students to complete college-level course work while in high school.  Upon successful completion of course work and corresponding exam, students can earn three to six college credits for each Advanced Placement course.  Credit for Advanced Placement courses varies based on exam scores as well as college and university requirements.

    Broward County Public Schools offers all 38 College Board Advanced Placement courses.  Availability of courses varies by school.  

    AP Capstone Diploma Program

    The Advanced Placement Capstone diploma is awarded to students who successfully demonstrate research, critical thinking, and communication skills in their AP Research and AP Seminar courses. Students must earn a score of a 3 or higher in AP Research, AP Seminar, and four additional AP courses of their choice in order to receive the Capstone diploma. The AP Seminar and Research courses help students improve their critical thinking and communication skills. Broward County Public Schools offers the AP Capstone Diploma program at 17 high schools throughout the county. 

    College Credit for AP Courses

    Students can earn 3 to 6 college credits for each AP course they take and earn a sore of 3 or higher on  the exam.  AP credit policies vary by post-secondary institution.  

    To learn more about AP credit policies at specific schools, visit: College Board


    Visit our Advanced Placement page for more information regarding Broward's AP program.

Cambridge Programme At A Glance

International Baccalaureate At A Glance

Dual Enrollment At A Glance

  • Dual Enrollment Program

    Broward County Public Schools has partnered with the following colleges and universities to provide opportunities for students to participate in college-level courses while enrolled in high school:

    • Broward College
    • University of Florida
    • Florida International University
    • Florida Atlantic University
    • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


    Admission Requirements

    Students must earn a minimum of a 3.0 unweighted Grade Point Average (GPA) in addition to passing scores on college readiness tests, such as the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT), in order to qualify for participation in dual enrollment.  However, testing and GPA requirements vary based on College/University standards.  

    Visit our Dual Enrollment page for more information regarding the BCPS Dual Enrollment program.

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