If you have been identified as teaching out-of-field in Gifted, you are mandated to satisfy out-of-field training requirements through one of the following methods:

    • completion of a minimum of 120 points in district in-service or six semester hours of college coursework in Gifted
    • document 100 points through the Infield Status Rubric 

    One of the above methods musr be completed prior to the end of April in the school year in which you were placed out-of-field. You must continue to complete out-of-field training each school year or until you have obtained certification in Gifted.  Note that failure to comply will impact your future placement/assignments up to including non-renewal of your contract.

    Your out-of-field record will remain open until you have added Gifted to your certificate. Parent notification will be required to be sent home to the parents of the affected students.  Once you obtain the certificate reflecting the Gifted Endorsement, be sure to notify so your out-of-field record can be closed.  Note: no money is saved by waiting to add a certification area to your certificate when you submit your application for renewal and/or your initial professional certificate.  You are urged to apply immediately for the addition once you have met and can document the subject area requirements.


    Must complete 120 inservice points or six semester hours of college coursework toward obtaining the Gifted Endorsement prior to the end of April in the school year in which you were placed out-of-field. You must continue to complete the required 120 inservice points or six semester hours of out-of-field training each school year until you have added the Gifted Endorsement to your certificate.

    There are five courses needed to obtain the Gifted Endorsement. 

    • Curriculum & Development for the Gifted
    • Education of Special Populations
    • Guidance & Counseling for the Gifted
    • Nature & Needs of Students who are Gifted
    • Theory & Development of Creativity

    Broward Virtual University In-service Courses in Gifted:

    SPRING 1 Semester

    Registration Window - 12/2/2019 to 2/14/2020

    Start Date - 1/27/2020

    SPRING 2 Semester

    Registration Window - 12/2/2019 to 2/14/2020

    Start Date - 2/24/2020

    Once you have completed all courses required to add the Gifted Endorsement (if completed via district in-service courses) you will need to submit an application to the Florida Department of Education and fee (paid through the district) for the addition.  For complete steps on submitting the addition application and fee go to Talent Acquisition and Operations, Instructional (click on "Florida Certificate Additions").

    If the courses were completed as college credit, you will need to submit an application, fee, and official transcripts (showing completion of the Gifted courses) to the Florida Department of Education.

    If you elect to complete Gifted training requirements as district in-service, it is imperative that you register as soon as possible for the course(s) as courses fill up quickly.  Register for courses through Learning Across Broward (LAB).   NOTE: If the course you attempt to register for is full, please email to request to be placed on a waiting list.


    Board Policy 4003.4 establishes the infield designation option for teachers out-of-field in bachelor-level subject areas (excludes Athletic Coaching, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Driver Education, ESOL, Orientation and Mobility, Prek Disabilities, Severe and Profound Disabilities, Reading, School Psychologist, School Social Worker, and Speech-Language Impaired).

    Teachers may use the Gifted Infield Status Rubric to document experience and training in Gifted.  A minimum of 100 points must be achieved with documented experience and a classroom observation rating of effective or higher required.  Training (district in-service) in professional development for Gifted is mandatory.  Additional mandatory requirements will be listed here as the rubric for Gifted is finalized.

    The Infield Status Rubric must be received by December 18, 2019 to allow time for review.  You will receive a response regarding your submitted rubric by February 7, 2020.

    NOTE: Approval of an Infield Status Rubric in Gifted does not enable you to add the subject of Gifted to your certificate, however, it is sufficient for documentation of infield status in Gifted and for satisfaction of out-of-field requirements in Gifted.  A Broward County Public Schools Infield Status Rubric is acceptable in Broward County only.