Severe or Profound Disabilities


    If you have been identified as teaching out-of-field in Severe or Profound Disabilities, you are mandated to take a minimum of six semester hours of college coursework in Severe or Profound Disabilities prior to the end of April in the school year in which you were placed out-of-field. You must continue to complete out-of-field training each school year or until you have obtained certification in Severe or Profound Disabilities.   Note that failure to comply will impact your future placement/assignments up to including non-renewal of your contract.

    Your out-of-field record will remain open until you have added Severe or Profound Disabilities to your certificate. Parent notification will be required to be sent home to the parents of the affected students.  Once you obtain the certificate reflecting Severe or Profound Disabilities, be sure to notify so your out-of-field record can be closed.  Note: no money is saved by waiting to add a certification area to your certificate when you submit your application for renewal and/or your initial professional certificate.  You are urged to apply immediately for the addition once you have met and can document the subject area requirements.


    NOTE: You must hold certification in ESE to be eligible (after completion of all subject area requirements) to add this area to your certificate.

    Complete six semester hours of college coursework to satisfy requirements for two of the following areas: (a), (b), or (c) of the Severe or Profound Disabilities Endorsement subject area requirements. Details regarding the Severe or Profound Disabilities Endorsement subject area requirements are found at the Florida Department of Education web site.

    Note that two years of full-time instructional experience in working with ESE students with severe or profound disabilities can be used to satisfy the remaining requirements after the six semester hours noted above have been completed. Note that requirement (c) consists of a total of six hours and so a year of experience may be used in lieu of three or all six hours depending on what areas the college courses you have completed satisfy. To document the experience your principal must complete and submit the Verification of Teaching Experience form. The form must document your experience in working with ESE students with severe or profound disabilities specifically. NOTE: The verification form must be submitted to the Talent Acquisition & Operations (Instructional) Department, Attn: Certification. DO NOT send the form to the Florida Department of Education as indicated on the form.

    Once you have completed all courses required to add Severe or Profound Disabilities you will need to submit an application, fee, and official transcripts (indicating completion of the required courses) to the Florida Department of Education for the addition.

    NOTE: The Infield Status Rubric is not an option for satisfying out-of-field requirements in the subject of Severe or Profound Disabilities