Sexual Harassment

  • What is Sexual Harassment?

    Harassment on the basis of sex is a violation of state and federal law and school board policy 4001.1. The School Board is committed to providing all employees/ volunteers with a workplace free of harassment.

    Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination or misconduct that undermines the integrity of the employment/ volunteer relationship. No one should be subjected to unsolicited and unwelcome sexual overtures or conduct - verbal, written, or physical. Sexual harassment generally occurs in situations where one person has power over the other, but it can also occur between peers. Both men and women can be harassed. Harassment can be as brutal as rape or as subtle as a look. Regardless of the specific action, harassment is reprehensible and will not be tolerated.

    The most extreme form of sexual harassment occurs when an employee/volunteer loses a job, benefits, or other privileges of employment/voluntary service because the employee/volunteer has rejected sexual demands.

    Determination of sexual harassment does not depend on whether the victim was threatened with the loss of a job or other benefit. Conduct which interferes with work performance or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment is also prohibited.

    School Board administrators and supervisors who know or suspect that this policy is being violated must take corrective action (contact the Department of EEO/ADA Compliance for guidance).

    When the District has actual knowledge, with or without a formal complaint, of sexual harassment in its education program or activity against a person, it will respond promptly and in a manner that is not deliberately indifferent. (Any individual who works in the District who has knowledge of sexual harassment must report such behavior). Principals/Department Heads or designees must contact the Director of EEO/ADA Compliance/Title IX Coordinator, to report any complaints of sex discrimination including sexual harassment.

    Reporting Sexual Harassment

    If you believe you are being sexually harassed, you have a right to file a sexual harassment claim and expect it to be fully investigated in a timely manner. The right of confidentiality, of both the complainant and the accused, will be fully protected in accordance with federal and state laws. 

    Employees or volunteers who have experienced sexual harassment or have witnessed others being subjected to sexual harassment should report the behavior to their appropriate Principal/Department Heads or contact one of the following resources for assistance:

    Wladimir G. Alvarez

    Director, Equal Educational Opportunities/ADA Compliance
    District Title IX Coordinator

    Equal Educational Opportunities/ADA Compliance

    600 SE 3rd Avenue, 14th Floor
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301
    Phone: (754) 321-2150 Fax:(754) 321-2714

    Broward District Schools Police Department/Professional Standards


Contact Information

  • Equal Educational Opportunities / ADA Compliance

    600 SE Third Avenue

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301

    Phone: 754-321-2150

    Fax: 754-321-2714

    TTL: 754-321-2158

    Phone: --

    Wladimir G. Alvarez

    Director, Title IX Coordinator