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    In an effort to assist stakeholders with your advocacy efforts, we have created the Education Action Resource as an easy-to-use tool to contact elected officials on education issues.

    The Department of Legislative Affairs will periodically update the "Bills of Interest" section for Broward County Public School stakeholders to review. Whenever you click on a bill of interest, you will be brought to a page where you can create an e-mail concerning that legislation to send out to elected officials.

    If you agree with the District's stance, please use this Education Action Resource to share your viewpoint.

     Bills of Interest

    2019 Budget Proposals

    2019 Budget Proposals

Learn More About State Senate & House Bills:

  • You can review and follow bills that may be of interest to you during this session. Please visit the links to the Florida Senate and House, which are listed below:

    State of Florida Senate

    Florida Senate Bills

    House of Representatives Florida
    Florida House Bills