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    Rally to Tally in Tallahassee:

    During the 60 day session many groups and organizations head to Tallahassee to advocate for their particular issue. In the K-12 education world there is a day for school board members, Superintendents and even administrators...but where is OUR day? A day where the Broward School community joins together to talk to legislators and staff from around our great state?

    We need a day where teachers, students, parents, union members, board members and even the Superintendent join together to talk about the issues facing Broward County Public Schools. During the Florida Legislative Session, the Office of Legislative Affairs will be bringing a group of students from Broward County Public Schools to speak to legislators and their staff in Tallahassee.

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    Broward Days is an independent, nonprofit and nonpartisan group of people advocating for the diverse needs and concerns of the citizens of Broward County, Florida.

    Providing a venue in which to engage members of the Florida Legislature, Broward Days conducts local workshops, hosts events and discussions with state and local leaders, and coordinates an annual multi-day forum in the state capitol.  The on-going and dedicated work of our Issues Teams helps identify the most current and pressing needs of our community and helps to guide our topics, speakers and focus on advocacy.