Zone 1

  • Physical Plant Operations Zone 1 (formerly North Area Maintenance) services all schools and locations in the north area as well as some schools in the north central area. Our department is comprised of various trades, such as air conditioning & refrigeration, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, cafe and industrial arts equipment and painting. Each department has a foreman to supervise the work crews, maintain backlogs and perform other related duties.

    Our main purpose is to respond to emergency requests as well as routine work requests to assist in providing a safe learning environment for our students. We are the first line of defense for disaster preparation and recovery for all north area schools and locations.

    Zone 1 also has an evening shift of the district air conditioning, coil cleaning & ventilation department. This department takes care of all preventative maintenance and all evening emergencies throughout the district. Currently the coil cleaning process is on a seven (7) to ten (10) year cycle. The preventative maintenance process runs on a yearly cycle.

    In addition, Zone 1 generates Tools for Schools work orders for indoor air quality issues for all Broward County Schools and locations.

    Zone 1 continues to strive in serving our customers with top satisfaction and professionalism on each job from start to completion. We continually participate in various training workshops in efforts to improve work safety habits as well as maintain high levels of job performance.

  • FOR POLICE OR MEDICAL EMERGENCY, PLEASE DIAL 911 IMMEDIATELYFor other emergencies, when Plant Operation Offices are closed, please contact the Broward District Schools Police Department at 754-321-0725. They possess the cell phone numbers in order to contact the designated Plant Operations Supervisor who is on duty for specific Holiday and Weekend periods.

Contact Information

  • Physical Plant Operations - Zone 1

    6501 NW 15th Avenue

    Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33309

    Phone: 754-321-2800

    Fax: 754-321-2885

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    Mark Dorsett