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    The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is designed to support BCPS employees' total mental and behavioral well-being, whether the concerns be personal, or work-related. The goal is to help all BCPS employees and their dependent family members to gain a better understanding of mental wellness, learn about the services available, and choose a plan of action.

    The EAP delivers support to employees in a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) format. Services provided include; psycho-education presentations, crisis stabilization, intake stabilization and needs assessments, wellness contact, resource connections, and referrals.



    The services offered by EAP are free & confidential to all employees and their families. EAP is a benefit program that utilizes a policy of support and assistance to employees, whether or not job performance is being adversely affected. The assistance is beneficial for those that are dealing with persistent concerns that may jeopardize their physical or mental health, work satisfaction, or continued employment. Such issues include:

    • physical illness
    • marital/family distress and conflicts
    • emotional problems, e.g. depression, stress and anxiety
    • bereavement/grief and loss
    • eating disorders
    • parenting issues
    • interpersonal problems
    • work related problems
    • medical/pain management/coping with illness
    • relationship problems
    • alcohol and/or substance abuse or dependency
    • financial problems


    Employee Assistance Program files are treated as medical/psychological files and as such are governed by the Federal Regulations on Confidentiality Information can only be released when clients give written consent or when the law requires (e.g. issues of abuse, threats to harm self and others, criminal investigation). The issue of confidentiality is of the highest importance to the EAP staff as it allows them to be most effective in providing essential services.

    To schedule an appointment or speak with a counselor, please call us at (754) 322-9900.

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