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  • Thank you for your interest in earning the designation of "BCPS Model PLC School." This a significant achievement granted to schools that demonstrate evidence of a sustained commitment to learning, collaboration, and results through their professional learning communities.  Interested schools will need to complete the online application and fulfill all criteria outlined below. Selected schools will be featured as exemplars of authentic PLCs within Broward County Public Schools. 

    Congratulations to the 2019 Model PLC School Winners

    McNicol Middle & Ramblewood Middle

    The 2019-2020 Model PLC School application will be will become available mid-September 2019


    2018 Winners - Lauderdale Lakes Middle & Cooper City High


    Before You Apply

    We recommend gathering the following information and documents for your school before beginning the application process:

    • Demographic information
    • Student achievement data from the past three consecutive years, showing consistent gains (can be school-wide, subject area/grade level, or subgroup data)
    • Awards and recognition

    You will also need to prepare responses to the following:

    • Tell us about your PLC story and how you created successful PLCs at your school. (Recommended word count is 250–500)
    • Explain how you built high-performing, collaborative teams with a laser focus on improving student learning school-wide. (Recommended word count is 250-500)
    • Describe the strategies used within your school to regularly monitor student learning.(Recommended word count is 150–500)
    • Share how you created systems of intervention to provide additional time and support for all students. (Recommended word count is 150–500)
    • Describe how the PLCs at your school focus on adult learning. What structures are in place to ensure the professionals in the group are learning new skills and concepts to improve their practice. (Recommended word count is 150-500)

    Guidelines & Tips for a Successful Application

    • Verify that your data shows three consecutive years of successful implementation and sustained improvement (school-wide, subject/grade level, or subgroup data).
    • Your application cannot be saved as a draft; therefore, we recommend developing the responses with your team in a separate document for review, then selecting one designee to enter the information into the online application below.
    • Once you submit your application, you will not be able to make any changes. Please read over all responses before clicking submit.

    After You Apply

    • The PLC Selection Committee will thoroughly review your application. You will receive an email from the committee indicating whether or not your school has been approved for further review.
    • If your school is approved for further review, the committee will contact you to schedule the following:
      • A meeting with your leadership team to review the criteria for selection.
      • Two committee observations of the professional learning communities at your school.
    • If your school is not approved for further review, we encourage you to continue your school improvement efforts and resubmit another application in the future.
  • Evidence of a Commitment to Learning for All Students

    Teachers work collaboratively to develop a common understanding of the content, curriculum, and standards related to their subject area/grade level.

    • Teachers collaborate to develop assessment tools and criteria for determining students' levels of proficiency, then use these tools to gather information to inform the differentiation of instruction to meet students' needs.
    • The school has a process in place for:
      • Consistently monitoring student learning
      • Responding to students who need additional support to reach proficiency.
      • Responding to students who have already mastered the standard(s) and need enrichment.

  • Evidence of a Commitment to Maintaining a Collaborative Culture

    • Teachers are organized into collaborative groups based on content area/grade level to work toward a shared goal for which all members are held mutually accountable.
    • Teachers are provided time during their work day to collaborate with their colleagues.
    • Teachers work cohesively to improve their practice in order to positively impact student achievement.

  • Evidence of a Commitment to a Focus on Results

    • Teams of teachers have developed SMART goals based on student data that identify expectations for student learning. Teams are working collaboratively to achieve their SMART goals.
    • Teams of teachers have developed a structure for ongoing analysis of student data/work samples to collectively engage in the cycle of continuous improvement.
    • Teams of teachers are transparent about sharing student data with each other. Teachers engage in discussions about the shared data to improve their instructional practice and learn from one another.
    • Gains in student achievement are evident and sustained over time.

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