Middle School Learning

Middle School Learning
  • The structures of the secondary learning environment, both in the middle and high school grades, are built to empower students to take active roles in their personal and intellectual growth through challenging educational experiences.  Provided with appropriate engagements, our students develop this intellect while building on their social, emotional, and physical well-being.    Upon graduating from our schools, students possess a knowledge base and skill set that promote successful entry into  higher education or a rewarding career.

    Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) embrace the three goals established in our Strategic Plan;

    Goal 1: High Quality Instruction.
    In grades 6-12, students begin to gain independence and engage in learning experiences appropriate to their particular stage of development. Middle school is the opportunity to explore project- and problem-based interdisciplinary learning in a safe environment. As students gain this new independence, BCPS recognizes the need to embed Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) standards in core academic classes. As students transition to high school, BCPS promotes a seamless academic and social transition between eighth and ninth grades. As students progress through high school, BCPS has established a system of supports to facilitate academic success, college and career readiness, self-efficacy, and civic engagement.

    Goal 2: Continuous Improvement.
    Students in Middle and High Schools require certain supports, unique to their stage in adolescence. BCPS uses data, including the feedback of our stakeholders, to search for ways to better meet the needs of all students in Broward County. We know that effective educators are an essential component of high quality instruction and the recruitment of a highly talented workforce is a continuous process.

    Goal 3: Effective Communication.
    Continuous improvement is a natural outcome of effective communication. Our success in educating all students depends on the involvement of families and our community. This website is just one method of informing our community of resources and opportunities that are available in Broward County. We will collaborate, share information and listen to feedback to improve our practice. BCPS recognizes that families are our students’ first educators and we wish to work together to graduate students who are life-ready.

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