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    Empowering Academic Excellence: The Role of Title I, Part A & ESSA

    Welcome to the Broward County Public Schools, Title I, Migrant Education, and Special Programs department, dedicated to supporting economically disadvantaged children within our community. Our federally funded Title I Program aims to provide all students with equal opportunities to achieve academic success and master the Florida Standards, ensuring they receive a high-quality education. Through our Title I schoolwide programs, we offer a range of resources, including additional teachers, professional development, and various instructional activities, all geared toward enhancing student achievement.

    Title I, Part A, recognized as the largest K-12 grant program of the U.S. Department of Education, plays a vital role in providing supplemental funding to support the educational advancement of students facing economic challenges. This federal grant program is administered through state educational agencies (SEAs), which subsequently allocate funds to local educational agencies (LEAs) and eligible schools. It's important to note that the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), now known as the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) since its enactment on December 10, 2015, continues to guide the implementation of Title I, Part A. This comprehensive legislation ensures the equitable distribution of resources and support to enhance the academic outcomes of all students.



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    Maximizing Title I, Part A Funds in Broward County Schools

    Title I, Part A funds support a wide range of activities to help students meet state academic standards. This includes providing a well-rounded education encompassing various subjects outlined by ESSA. These funds can be utilized for instructional and non-instructional support, as well as to enhance overall school quality. Adhering to federal spending provisions ensures effective and efficient utilization of these funds.

    Explore the latest Title I, Part A Monthly Balance report here.


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