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    Update 3/17/2020:  Broward County Public Schools are closed with limited staff working.  Recruiters are scheduling Skype interviews.  If you are interested in speaking with a recruiter, click to register for a Skype Interview


    Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) is reinventing the School Counseling model.  We are in need of School Counselors, Family Therapists and School Psychologists to help build and implement a program that is focused solely on helping students with their mental and emotional health. The school assignments are available for all grades K-12, including center schools.

  • School Psychologists

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    School psychologists are influential in the lives of children. They assist families, teachers, and administrators to ensure that students receive the supports they need. A school psychologist plays a multifaceted role within the school which includes the promotion of positive behavior, mental health, and student achievement. They assist students by conducting psychological assessments, participating in intervention planning, and providing counseling, when needed. Candidates must meet the minimum qualifications to include state certification as a School Psychologist and completion of an internship approved by an accredited school psychology training program.  We are looking for experienced professionals that will help shape future programs while addressing students’ every day behavioral and mental needs.



  • School Counselors

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    A referendum has been passed and funded to hire dozens of school counselors to work in K-12 Schools to reduce ratios, improve services and transform the profession to a true school counseling model. These positions will be required to run small groups, provide a significant number of classroom lessons, develop a caseload of individual students and support school and district-wide activities. These positions will partly support the recovery efforts in the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas tragedy in our school district.  This is an ideal opportunity for professionals who desire to be a part of an all-star team, free from non-counseling duties. The job is intense and varied.  It involves a significant amount of social skills, organization, flexibility and independent functioning to succeed.


    Our new team will be trained and supported by award winning experts in the field.



  • Family Therapists, Family Counseling Program

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    The family’s role in education is primary.  BCPS is offering unique, in-demand positions for Family Therapists to join our school district. The goal of this new team will be to implement a school-based, short-term psychotherapeutic mental health program that includes clinical screening, assessment and intervention.  This therapeutic service is designed to enhance students’ social/emotional functioning and strengthen family relationships.  The effect will be increased graduation rates as well as the removal of emotional barriers that interfere with individual and family functioning.


    BCPS Family Therapists follow the teacher schedule which includes nine weeks off during summer, two weeks during the winter break and a week Spring Break.  Candidates must possess a State of Florida license in Clinical Social Work, Mental Health Counseling or Marriage and Family Therapy.  They must also have three years of postgraduate experience. Previous training in Trauma Informed Care is preferred.  Training in an evidence based treatment modality to heal trauma is also ideal.