• Registration Process

  • First, let the school know that you would like to reserve your child’s seat by clicking Claim Awarded Seat on the Check Your Status webpage.

    Once your child’s seat has been reserved, the name of the awarded school will show on the Check Your Status webpage under Registered School NameIf your child’s seat is not shown as registered by the registration deadline, your child’s seat has not been reserved. If you have problems claiming or reserving, please contact the school prior to the registration deadline.

    The school will contact you with next steps in the registration process. All registration paperwork, such as emergency contact and immunization forms, are submitted directly to the school prior to the first day of school.

    By state law, parents may apply for their child to attend any public school in Florida that has not reached capacity, regardless of their home address.  Selection from a School Choice is not guaranteed. If your child was not awarded a seat, your child may always attend his or her assigned school, which is based on the primary home address.