• How to Claim & Register

  • You must claim & register an awarded seat by the claim & register deadline or the seat will be lost.

    Follow these steps to claim & register an awarded seat:

    1. 1

      Claim & Register At The School

      To claim & register, call or visit the school to register the student by the deadline – the school will claim the awarded seat during the registration process.

      Bring your award letter as proof.

      Please work with the school to provide all required forms necessary for registration, such as emergency contact information and school records, before the first day of school.

    2. 2

      Confirm Claim & Registration Status

      After registering at the school, confirm your claim & registration status on the Check Your Status webpage. Ensure the Claimed Awarded Seat status shows Claimed and the Registered School Name shows the correct school name. If incorrect, immediately contact the school by the deadline to fix the issue.

    Missed the claim & register deadline?

    If your seat was lost because you missed the claim and register deadline, you may request to be put in the wait-pool to be reconsidered during the next selection, if more seats become available.

    Email your wait-pool request to schoolchoice@browardschools.com and include the following:

    • Application number
    • Student's BCPS number
    • Student's full name (first & last name)