• Check Your Status

  • Your application status will be one of the results below

  • Complete Application

    No further action is required unless you are requesting an assignment priority. Prior to the application deadline, check your email for requests for additional documents from the Office of School Choice.

  • Incomplete Application

    Magnet applications with this status require the most recent report card and/or standardized test scores.

    Please submit your required documents to the Office of School Choice.

    Parents who submitted incomplete magnet applications will need to provide the required documents prior to the application deadline in order to be notified on the corresponding notification dates.
    Supporting documents received after the application deadline will be considered late. Parents will be notified after the notification dates regarding the status of a late application.

  • Awarded

    Students with this status may attend the requested school for the specified school year.

    Claim your seat electronically by clicking 'Claim' on the Check Your Status webpage. Claiming your seat will let the school know that you would like to register your child in the School Choice database. If your child is not registered in the School Choice database by the registration deadline date, the seat will no longer be available.

    Please work with the awarded School to provide school forms necessary for registration, such as emergency contact information and school records, prior to first day of school.

    Parents who did not claim an awarded seat by the claim deadline may request for their child to be placed into consideration for an available seat by sending an email to schoolchoice@browardschools.com.

  • Waitpool - Not Selected

    Students with this status have not been selected to attend the requested school.

    When there are more applications than available seats, a random computerized selection is used to award seats to students. Students who are not selected for a seat may be considered at a later date, if seats become available.

  • No Seats

    Students with this status currently do not have a seat at the requested school.

    Please contact the Office of School Choice for more information.

  • Denied Academic

    Magnet applications with this status did not meet the minimum academic requirements for the magnet program.

    If your child's grades and/or test scores improve and meet the minimum academic requirements for entry, please submit updated documents to the Office of School Choice.