• Required Documents

  • Please submit your required documents to the Office of School Choice using one of the following methods:

    To complete your School Choice application, you may be required to submit additional documents.

    Before sending required documents, please check your school choice application online at the Check Your Status web page for one of the following status notifications:

    • Application Incomplete
    • Application Complete

    Incomplete Applications

    Application confirmation page example

    If the application status reads Application Incomplete, please submit the following documents according to your application type and missing documents:

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      Magnet Applicants (applying for 6-12 grades only)

      Send the following:

      • The most current report card
      • The most recent FSA (last school year) test scores or Standardized test scores, ie: Stanford, Iowa, SAT’s, ACT’s, etc.

        Attention  – Missing Grades/Test Scores for Magnet Middle and High Applicants:

        All middle/high applicants must provide a copy of the most recent report card and latest FSA English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics scores from the last school year. Applications will be incomplete until the report card and test scores have been received.

        If nationally recognized test scores are not available, complete the Magnet Panel Review form to request a panel review to determine program eligibility ‐ the requested school's Magnet Coordinator will contact you.

      Note: Minimum academic requirements are outlined on the Explore Your Options webpage.

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      Military Parent/Legal Guardian Applicants

      Send the following:

      • Child’s birth certificate
      • Active duty, send copy of military orders
      • Veteran discharged within the last year, send copy of discharge

      Note: Copies of your military ID will not be accepted.

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      BCPS Employee (must be the parent/legal guardian) Applicants

      Send the following:

      • Child’s birth certificate
      • Filed court documents showing permanent legal custody of the child (if your name is not on the child's birth certificate)
      • Proof of work location (official employment verification letter or letter from supervisor on department/school letterhead)

      Note: Notarized letters of residence and/or guardianship will not be accepted. Reassignment requests to a school outside of your Innovation Zone will not receive employee priority. Visit the School Choice for BCPS Employees website to learn more.

    Complete Applications

    Application confirmation page example

    If the application status reads Application Complete, no documents are required – Your Application is Complete.