2022 School-Related Employee of the Year Finalist

  • 2022 Caliber Awards
    The School-Related Employee of the Year (SREOY) Award recognizes outstanding non-instructional support personnel for the significant contributions to our schools, District, and communities. The award honors individuals who have demonstrated exceptional skill and dedication in the performance of their jobs, thereby earning the respect and admiration of students, teachers, administrators, co-workers, and parents. 

  • Dawn Michaud
    Dawn Michaud
    Pasadena Lakes Elementary School

    Dawn Michaud’s email signature reads at the bottom “Fixing broken smiles, one at a time”. For 18 of her 23 years with the District, she has been a tremendous support to students, faculty, and staff of Pasadena Elementary School.

    “Ms. Michaud has been a tremendous support to students, faculty, and staff. She goes above and beyond her duties each day, to provide the necessary technology, tools, access, and resources to be successful,” says Pasadena Lakes Elementary School Principal Janet Williams.






    Matilda Padilla
    Matilde Padilla
    Silver Lakes Middle School

    Matilde Padilla is a Teacher Assistant at Silver Lakes Elementary School. She has worked with the school for 15 years and also serves as aftercare supervisor and SAC representative.

    “Ms. Padilla takes initiative and ensures that students have access to the proper support to ensure their success in school,” says Silver Lakes Elementary School Principal Tammy Gilbert.






    Rachel Siber
    Rachel Kelly Silber
    Hollywood Hills High School

    Rachel Kelly Silber serves in many capacities at Hollywood Hills High School. Her involvement began more than 13 years ago as a volunteer and she has been a permanent employee for over five years.

    “Ms. Silber can be found working anywhere and everywhere, helping anyone who needs assistance,” says Hollywood Hills High School Principal Daniel Most. “She is not just a great employee; she is an amazing human being and may be the most selfless person I have ever had the privilege to know.”





    Danielle St. Leon
    Danielle St. Leon
    Hollywood Central Elementary School

    Danielle St. Leon, the Library Media Clerk at Hollywood Central Elementary School, has previously been awarded School-Related Employee of the Year recognition at her school in 2008 and in 2014. For the past 13 years, she has focused on the happiness and well-being of her students and serving and guiding them to the best of her ability.



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