Energy Conservation & Utility Management

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    Electric, Water, Recycle, Controls, PV systems

    The Energy Conservation & Utility Management Department exists to facilitate increased awareness and efficient use of energy and other natural resources. The main mission of the Energy Conservation & Utility Management Department is to enhance environmental stewardship, contribute to the District's efforts to reduce inefficiencies in the use of energy resources such as electricity and natural gas. In addition, it is our mission to further reduce water consumption and the production of solid waste, while increasing the comfort level of classrooms and schools.

  • EMS Utility Help Desk and Forms

    For all requests or issues related to Air Conditioning, Refuse, Recycle, Roll-Offs, Gas, and water, send email to

    If your Request is for After Hours Air Conditioning and it is received after the 1:00 pm deadline, we will be unable to process the request.

    If your Request is for a Roll Off Dumpster or a Pull & Return of your Roll Off Dumpster, the request will be processed within 36 hours.

    If the Request is for Fuel pertaining to Emergency Generators and the level is lower then 50% your request will be processed within 24 hours. If the level is greater than 50% the request will be processed on the next scheduled delivery day for your area.

    Available Forms:

    A/C request

    Diesel/Propane request

    Roll Off request

    Additional Irrigation request

  • Schools Energy (KWh) Consumption

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    You can now see how your school is doing in regards to its energy conservation efforts. Below you will see the most recent electrical consumption data in Kilowatt hours, and you can compare that to the same month from last year. We have also made the previous years' data available for you to review. Just click on the links below to download the PDF files.

    KWh consumption for 2018 

    January February March


    View Utility Savings for 2017

  • FPL's Solar for Schools Program

    A total of 11 Photovoltaic (PV) Systems donated by FPL and coordinated by the Environmental Conservation/Utility Management Department, have been installed throughout the District.
    These PV systems, ranging from 5KW to 10KW, are located at the following schools:

    • Attucks Middle, 5KW completed 2013
    • Blanche Ely High, 5KW completed 2013
    • Driftwood Middle, 10KW, completed 2015
    • Maplewood Elementary, 10KW, completed 2015
    • McNab Elementary, 10KW, completed 2014
    • New Renaissance Middle, 5KW, completed 2013
    • Panther Run Elementary, 5KW, completed 2013
    • Parkway Middle, 10KW, completed  2014
    • Stranahan High, 10KW, completed 2014
    • Tropical Elementary, 5KW, completed 2013
    • Welleby Elementary, 10KW, completed 2014

    The selection was based on the schools that were awarded the school year Energy Tools for Schools shared savings incentive award, enhanced/complemented their science curriculum needs, and to ensure at least one school in all seven SBBC Districts will now have a Solar Array installed, in addition to also ensure that the arrays will be equally distributed throughout the District.

    FPL will maintain the PV systems and provide warranty for a period of five years from the in-service date and will transfer ownership to SBBC at the end of the five year period. 

  • Water Conservation

    The School District’s partnership with NatureScape Broward is largely focused on improving water quality, efficiency, and conservation. This includes:
    • Conducting irrigation system efficiency evaluations and indoor water audits within the schools to identify improvements that can be made to conserve water.  NatureScape is about creating Florida-friendly landscapes that conserve water, protect water quality, and create wildlife habitat. As such, a major goal of NatureScape Broward is to increase the amount of native landscaping throughout the County and minimize the number of herbicides, pesticides, and supplemental irrigation required to maintain a healthy landscape. 
    • NatureScape Broward also educates and trains students and school board staff on water conservation and water quality by providing in-classroom and outdoors programs and training
    • A large number of evaluations were on systems utilizing city water as the irrigation source. This produced considerable cost savings for the District when settings were modified to comply with the Mandatory Year-Round Landscape Irrigation Rule
    • Control systems are being gradually implemented to remotely monitor and command the water usage 



    EMS Tech working on EMS Panel

    Energy Management System (EMS)

    The Energy Conservation/Utility Management department is responsible for controlling, monitoring, and maintaining all EMS systems throughout the District.

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    Energy Savings Checklist

    Energy Tools for Schools

    In the District's efforts to conserve our valuable natural resources and minimize utility expenses, we have provided helpful suggestions to help each school reduce consumption.

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