Certification Requirements for Paid High School Athletic Coaches


    1. Apply online to the DOE for the three-year Athletic Coaching Certificate. http://www.fldoe.org/edcert/apply
    2. Certification requests issuance of the three-year Athletic Coaching Certificate from the DOE once the preclearance from the school is submitted to Instructional Staffing. The initial certificate is nonrenewable and may be issued one time only.
    3. DOE issues a Statement of Status of Eligibility Letter (SOE) and the certificate.
    4. SOE outlines the requirements needed for the five-year Athletic Coaching Certificate - includes nine (9) semester hours of specialized athletic coaching coursework and a valid CPR card or certificate from the American Heart Association, the American Red Cross or the equivalent from an approved FL Department of Health entity.
    5. School Board of Broward County offers the required coursework online, via in-service, from an approved plan with the American Sport Education Program (ASEP):
      • Register for courses at www.asep.com
      • Click on Organization Requirements
      • Click on "B", "Broward County School District FL"
      • Complete courses and email Certificate of Completion to Rocky Gillis at rgillis@browardschools.com - make certain to include your full name and SBBC personnel number.
      • Access your account on My Learning Plan and complete the required evaluation to receive credit.


    1. Complete all requirements outlined in the SOE.
    2. Apply online to the DOE for the five-year Athletic Coaching Certificate and send valid CPR card or certificate. http://www.fldoe.org/edcert/apply
    3. Request district Certification office send form CT-115 "District Verification for Completion of Approved In-service" form to the DOE. (certificationrequests@browardschools.com)

    Florida Statute 1012.55(2) mandates that paid athletic coaches hold a valid full-time Florida Department of Education (DOE) teaching certificate or an Athletic Coaching Certificate issued by the DOE. 

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