Charter Schools
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    Charter Education Program

    Charter Schools are a recent innovation in public education.  First implemented in Minnesota in 1991, charter schools are public schools holding state or local agency contracts to meet specified student achievement goals.  In return, the charter school is allocated public educational funds for a stated period of time.  Charter Schools are waived from all state statutes except those involving civil rights and health, welfare and safety of students.  For more information please click the link below:

    Charter School Process and Forms

    In preparation for the out‐of‐field process you will need to become familiar with the Florida Course Code Directory (CCD). The CCD is revised each school year (and updated as needed during each school year) by the Florida Department of Education and contains a list of Florida course code numbers with acceptable certification(s) for each course.  Please click the links below for more information on this process.

    Prior to submitting the Certificate Issuance Request to Talent Acquisition & Operations - Certification, ensure the teacher has been fingerprinted using the information below:

    Fingerprint processing and background checks for charter school applicants will be performed by FieldPrint, Inc.  Click here to learn detailed instructions for using FieldPrint.

    The hiring location must provide the applicant with the FieldPrint Code in advance of the applicant registering to be fingerprinted through FieldPrint.

    If you have questions regarding the FieldPrint fingerprinting process, please contact FieldPrint via one of the following methods:

    Mailing address: 400 Lippincott Drive, Suite 115, Marlton, NJ 08053
    Toll-free phone: (877) 614-4364

    If you have questions regarding fingerprinting results, please contact your hiring location.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not send charter school applicants to Broward County Public Schools to be fingerprinted.

    Charter School Best Practices

    Use the above checklist to ensure that you are following Florida Statutes and Administrative Codes that pertain to teacher certification and out-of-field reporting and training requirements.

    HOUSSE plan forms for NCLB


Certification Monitoring

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