Growth Management

Growth Management
  • The Growth Management Section is responsible for addressing growth management issues for Broward County Public Schools (BCPS); including but not limited to the review of proposed residential and non-residential development applications, and as they relate to land use, rezoning, plat, and site plan applications, to ensure that consistent with applicable Florida Statutes, BCPS facilities are available to accommodate the impact of proposed residential development. Additionally, to ensure that proposed non-residential applications do not negatively impact BCPS facilities. Detailed responsibilities include the following:

    • The monitoring of growth management related legislative activities within the nation, state, county and municipalities for potential impact on BCPS. 


    • The monitoring, generation and processing of revisions to the Broward County Third Amended and Restated Interlocal Agreement for Public School Facility Planning (TRILA), and the coordination and implementation of BCPS growth management obligations delineated in the Agreement. 


    • The monitoring, generation and processing of revisions to School Board Growth Management Policy 1161, and the implementation of provisions of the Policy. 


    • The implementation of Public School Concurrency (PSC), which includes the review of proposed residential development and non-residential development applications. Subsequently the issuance of reports to address the impact of the proposed development, and a recommendation of approval or denial of the application if it is determined upon due diligence that capacity is not available at the affected school(s) to accommodate students anticipated from the development. Thereafter, the developer could propose to mitigate the impact of the development. 


    • As necessary, meet with developers to discuss preferred mitigation that are required to mitigate the impact of their proposed residential development. 


    • The processing of development mitigation and related binding agreements to address the impact of proposed residential development on affected school(s) that are above the Level of Service Standard (LOS). Per School Board Policy 1161, mitigation options at the minimum include the provision of land to construct future school(s), the provision of capacity via payment of monies to construct classroom(s) addition(s) contained in the adopted Five-Year District Educational Facilities Plan (DEFP), or the payment of monies to provide classroom/modular addition(s).


    • The review of school related local government comprehensive plans including the annual update of the capital improvements element and Evaluation and Appraisal (EAR) based amendments.


    • Serving as BCPS's growth management liaison to local governments and attending on a regular basis, local government public hearings/meetings and other pertinent meetings regarding growth management matters. These meetings include attendance at pertinent Broward County Commission, Broward County Planning Council, and the South Florida Regional Planning Council meetings. 


    • Serving as the BCPS's representative on Broward County Local Planning Agencies (LPA) and the 27 municipal LPA's or equivalent agencies such as their planning and zoning boards. 


    • Attending the quarterly Oversight Committee and Staff Working Group public meetings and providing administrative support to both entities. 


    • Coordinating the periodic update of the Student Generation Rates/School Impact Fees Study, which determines resultant student generation rates, and school impact fees. The subsequent processing and scheduling of School Board Resolution for the Board's approval to transmit the approved student generation rates and school impact fees to the Broward County Commission for adoption into the Broward County Land Development Code. 


    • Addressing and coordinating affordable housing matters, which includes the processing of school impact fee waiver applications before the School Board.

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