Administrative Sites

Administrative Sites
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    The Administrative Sites section is responsible for space planning regarding the relocation/allocation of staff and/or departments into Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) administrative facilities and related offices and cubicles, and the management of related data. Detailed responsibilities include the following:


    • Process and review submitted Administration Move Application Form (AMAF) to determine if the requested relocation by division/department is practical and feasible.


    • Utilize AutoCAD and/or 3D BIM Revit to conduct spatial analysis and planning of the desired administrative office/cubicle layout.


    • Determine if any site upgrades, reconfiguration and/or modifications of the desired administrative office/cubicle would be needed.


    • Maintain accurate data related to the following: BCPS administrative facilities and their utilization; processed application forms regarding location into administrative facilities and costs associated with relocations into administrative office/cubicle.


    • Maintain BCPS standard work area square footage and/or Business Owners Management Association (BOMA) standards that should ideally be allocated and occupied by BCPS personnel of similar positions and pay grades.

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