Facility Planning

Facility Planning
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    Facility Planning consists of two areas; Facility Planning and Florida Inventory of School Houses (FISH).

    Developing Educational Specifications for the District’s educational facilities to insure equitable facility resources; coordinating the initial commencement of the annual needs assessment process for the District’s schools and educational facilities; conducting and maintaining the Five-Year Educational Plant Survey; as needed, conducting spot surveys to amend the Five-Year Educational Plant Survey; coordinating the review and disposition of pertinent relocatables; allocating relocatables; and conducting post occupancy evaluations for newly constructed school facilities.

    Maintaining accountable building space records for District facilities which includes the District’s permanent facilities, the District’s relocatable inventory, and the FISH data for all long term (40 years or more) District leased facilities; submission of School Board approved construction to the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) for newly constructed and replacement school facilities to enable the FDOE to determine the FISH capacity for the facilities; continuous update of the FISH data for District facilities; the generation and update of AutoCAD drawings for administrative and school facilities (which include site plans and floor plans of the facilities); and the maintenance of current aerial photographs of existing school sites.

    The major goal of Facility Planning is to insure equitable facility resources by making sure the facility program, and equipment list standards are up-to-date and utilized when determining the facility needs of the District and developing the project scopes and budgets for the District work program. This goal is accomplished via the following:

    • Generating and maintaining the District's Five-Year Educational Plant Survey.
    • As necessary, conducting spot surveys to amend the Five-Year Educational Plant Survey.
    • Coordinating the District-wide annual needs assessment process.
    • Coordinating the development of a facility need listing representing Physical Plant Operations, Facilities & Construction, Education Technology Services (ETS), and Safety Departments for capital funding request.
    • Generating and revising the District's capacity and generic educational specification standards for 
    • Issuance of the twice a year FISH Report for District elementary, middle, and high schools; vocational schools and centers.
    • Conducting project specific space and program analysis as well as project educational specification development.
    • Participating in the Design Review Process to insure designs reflect the intent of the educational 
      programming and specifications.
    • Coordinating the post-occupancy evaluation process.
    • Coordinating the generation of a district long-range master plan.
    • Maintaining the educational specification standards.
    • Revising and updating the District's FISH database.
    • Generating, revising and updating AutoCAD drawings for all facilities site and floor plans including relocatables.
    • Providing the updated AutoCAD drawings to the local police and fire departments, the District’s Safety Department, and the Risk Management Departments.
    • Assisting with pertinent Growth Management and Real Estate and Environmental Planning Section needs.

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