Elementary Courses

  • Students shall receive regularly scheduled instruction in language arts that includes reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language; mathematics; science; social studies; health; physical education; art; music; and computer education.

    Instructional times for some content areas are mandated based on state statute, while the instructional times for other content areas are recommended by the District. Flexibility in scheduling instruction throughout the day is necessary to meet the specific teaching and learning needs of students.

    Instructional times indicated below are mandated by state legislation:

    1. Minimum 90-minute daily, uninterrupted Reading Block,
    2. Reading intervention instruction daily, beyond the 90-minute Reading Block, and
    3. Minimum 150 minutes of physical education each week with at least 30 consecutive minutes on any day during which physical education instruction is conducted.

    Instructional times indicated below are recommended by the District:

    1. 30 minutes of daily writing instruction,
    2. 60 minutes of daily math instruction,
    3. 150 minutes of weekly science instruction that includes a block of scientific investigations using inquiry approach (science lab) at least once a week,
    4. 150 minutes of weekly social studies instruction, and
    5. 150 minutes of weekly special area instruction (art, music, PE, etc.).

    Character Education

    The character education traits that shall be integrated into the PreK-12 curriculum are:

    1. Respect
    2. Honesty
    3. Responsibility
    4. Self-control
    5. Tolerance
    6. Kindness
    7. Citizenship
    8. Cooperation

    Family Life/Human Sexuality and HIV/Sexually Transmitted Diseases Instruction

    The District must approve the materials, resources, and speakers used in these components of the K-12 health curriculum. Instruction should be appropriate for the age and grade of the students and shall reflect current theory, knowledge, and practice. Provisions must be made to allow parents to make a written request for their child to be exempt from the teaching of reproductive health or any disease, including HIV/AIDS, its symptoms, development and treatment.

    Digital Tools

    Curricula for students in pre-kindergarten through grade 5 must contain instruction that allows them to attain progressively higher levels of skill in the use of digital tools and applications.

    Virtual Education

    Schools may not limit student access to Florida Virtual School (FLVS) courses or courses offered by the District’s FLVS franchise program, Broward Virtual Education (BVE), even if the school offers the same course, unless a school administrator (or designee) determines that the student does not meet the profile for success in this educational delivery context, based on the student’s academic history, grade level, and age or the student is enrolled in the course at the local school and may not concurrently enroll in the same course at FLVS or BVE.

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