Value Added Services & Goals

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  • The Department of Student Assessment and Research is dedicated to facilitating assessment and interpreting data for stakeholder decision making in support of a quality education for all students.

  • Value Added Services

    • Support schools and the District with timely, actionable data, and analysis to guide instruction and district wide decision making.
    • Provide efficient and secure administration, reporting, and training relative to existing and upcoming state and district mandated assessments.​
    • Develop and implement a robust district wide accountability system and continue to advance the relevance of external accountability measures.

  • Our Goals

    • To ensure secure and accurate procedures for state and local assessments;
    • To provide data in an accurate and expeditious manner for school and district use;
    • To provide ongoing customer service, including, but not limited to, school staff inservice and clarification of State Board of Education rules and regulations;
    • Procurement of appropriate data to aid the Superintendent and Administration in decision-making;
    • Provision of information on contemporary educational issues;
    • Development, selection, and utilization of appropriate assessment tools, including surveys, for the evaluation of district programs;
    • Annual administration of customer surveys to students, parents, and teachers, including the production of school-by-school and districtwide reports;
    • Design and execution of studies to evaluate processes and outcomes associated with educational programs and instructional strategies;
    • Monitoring the collection and organization of longitudinal data to determine trends in student achievement and changes in demographics over time;
    • Provision of assistance to schools and departments for interpretation of data and evaluation results;
    • Reporting mandated data requests from the Florida Department of Education, U.S. Department of Education, and other requests from outside organizations and individuals;
    • Evaluating proposed research collaborations with outside agencies and individuals engaging in research activities within the district.

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