Research Requests

Research Requests
  • Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) welcomes universities, organizations, and researchers interested in conducting K-12 educational research that is designed to contribute to improving student outcomes. The Student Assessment and Research Department established the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Research Review Process to review all Research Requests from non-BCPS organizations or individuals interested in conducting non-BCPS sponsored research. In addition, this process covers research to be conducted on behalf of the District. Employees of BCPS interested in conducting research as part of their personal endeavors, such as dissertation or thesis research, are also required to complete this process.

    Applicants might include researchers examining the impact of an educational program or intervention, grant partners researching program effectiveness, District partners requesting data to analyze program impact, university students working to complete their dissertation, or District staff requiring an IRB review for K-12 grant applications. Applicants wishing to conduct research in a charter school must contact that school directly because the authority of this IRB does not extend to charter schools.

    This process has two distinct components:

    • IRB Review:  Ensures the protection of our students, parents, and staff by complying with FERPA and with other federal, state, and local privacy laws.
    • Research Review:  Ensures that Research Requests benefit the District and do not negatively impact staff and student instructional time and resources.

    Pursuant to School Board Policy 6313, it is important that researchers understand that the BCPS IRB requires active informed consent for research involving students, whereby parents provide a signed, dated, written consent before their child may participate in the study. It is also important that applicants be aware that:

    • Research Requests are submitted online, which allows applicants to track the progress of an application through the review process.  No hardcopy documents are accepted.
    • Applicants not affiliated with BCPS, or employees seeking to conduct research for a dissertation or thesis, must first obtain IRB approval from a sponsoring institution. Proof of approval must be submitted with the application.
    • A team of District- and school-based staff reviews the proposed research methods, benefits of the research to BCPS, and impact of the project on staff time and resources.
    • Reviews take 10-12 weeks from the time all required documents are received. Processing time may be extended during blackout periods (e.g., statewide testing, holidays).
    • Archival requests, mandatory research from a granting agency, or requests from District partners with an approved Partnership Agreement will have shorter processing times.
    • Providing all of the required materials and documents in the format requested expedites the review process.
    • When a Research Request is approved, a District IRB Approval certificate is issued. This document must be presented to BCPS principals or District staff when requesting participation.
    • If approved research activities involve a school's staff, students, or parents, the principal must be contacted first to request participation prior to the initiation of any research activities.  In most cases, the principal has the right to decline participation.
    • Proposed research activities must have a minimal impact on school activities and classroom instruction, and should not be scheduled during blackout periods, such as at the beginning or end of the school year, or during statewide or local testing periods.
    • Applicants are responsible for costs incurred for data requested from the District's Data Warehouse. Fees ($150/hr.) are based on the time required by staff to build data files.
    • Approvals are valid for one year. A Renewal Request is required for all studies, including multi-year studies, not completed before the annual expiration date.  Research not completed within the timeframe specified in the protocol approved on the original Research Request will require re-approval by participating schools and staff.
    • A final report must be submitted for all approved projects no later than four months following the expiration date of the approved study.

    The Web pages to the left include all of the links that you need to successfully submit a Research Request in BCPS. Please familiarize yourself with the Process webpage for Submitting a Research Request prior to starting your online submission. Another helpful resource is the Document Checklist which will also help to organize your application.

  • Currently Approved Research

  • Research Request Results

    Rec# Project Title General Purpose of Research Abstract Link Report Link Applicant Name Completion Date
    1184 A Basic Qualitative Case Study to Explore and Better Understand the Learning Process of English Language Learners though the Perceptions of their Teachers in an Urban Middle School in South Florida The purpose of this qualitative case study is to explore and better understand the learning process of English Language Learners (ELL)  through the     perceptions of their teachers in an urban middle school  in South Florida. Report Lida Neira, Ph.D 02/2022
    1061 Evaluation of video recommendation systems in Algebra Nation Algebra Nation is an online tutoring system for Algebra 1 widely used in schools throughout Florida. Prior usage of the platform has effectively supported increased academic achievement for students in all demographic subgroups. Video recommendation algorithms built in to Algebra Nation have the potential to increase the benefit students have previously experienced from engaging with the online tutoring system. However, the video recommendation algorithms have not yet been evaluated. Report Walter Leite, Ph.D 01/2022
    987 Implementing Change: Teachers'  Experiences with Web-Based Professional Development for Diffusing the New     State Standards The research questions I am trying to answer are: (RQ1) What are the perspectives of teachers on the impact of web-based professional development for implementing the new state standards? (RQ2) What are the perceived barriers and the challenges faced in the attempt to make the web-based professional development for the implementation of the new state standards successful? Report Nadine Petrie-Waymyers, Ph.D 12/2018
    975 High School Educators’ Beliefs and Perceptions of Skills for Response-to-Intervention (RTI) Implementation The purpose of this study is to determine educators’ beliefs and skills related to RTI and explore systemic factors that impact RTI program implementation efforts.   Report Dr. Miriam Gayle 11/2017
    972 National Teacher and Principal Survey (NTPS), 2017-18 The purpose of NTPS is to collect information that can provide a detailed picture of U.S. elementary and secondary schools and their staff. This information is collected through school, principal, and teacher surveys, and information can be linked across all three surveys.   Report Ms. Amy Ho 08/2017
    1026 Parental Involvement in Eighth Grade: Administrator, Teacher, and Parent Attitudes and
    This study will use a Qualitative Case Study to collect the attitudes and perceptions of principals, teachers, and African American parents on parental involvement in eighth grade.   Report Dr. Melissa Laster 06/2019
    914 Technology-Guided Research-Based Strategies Changing K-12 Teachers’ Reading Instruction Practices: A Mixed-Methods Study This two-phase sequential explanatory mixed-methods study examines the concerns of teachers of reading using Research-Based Instructional Strategies (RBIS) and a Digital Instructional Planner
    (DIP). This study also examines the changes in lesson planning that occur over time owing to the use of RBIS and DIPs.
      Report Dr. Tony Dutra 02/2019
    956 How Supportive Programs are used withe At-Risk Students in Middle and High School to Increase Re-engagement and Prevent Dropout The purpose of this multi-site case study is to understand and describe how two high schools and their respective feeder middle schools have collaborated and instituted supportive programs in order to academically reengage student who are at risk.   Report Dr. Washington Collado 06/2018
    970 Certified School Counselors as Change Agents: Implementing the Multi_Tiered System of Support/Response to Intervention model at an Education Center The purpose of this study is to collect and analyze teachers and counselors perceptions of the MTSS/RTI process at a non-traditional school.   Report Dr. Jo Ann Kitchen-Simmons 02/2019
    874 Using Video Modeling to Determine the Effects on Play Skills of Elementary Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders This proposed study was designed to enhance the play skills of elementary students diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. The current social skills programs available at the principal investigator’s school did not specifically target improving play skills nor were they geared towards individuals with autism.   Report Dr. Carrietta Gaudio 09/2019
    1046 2015-2018 BCPS EMF Student Study and 2015-2018 BCPS EMF Parent Study This study is designed to determine gifted middle school student views about the nature of mathematics and mathematics education.   Report Dr. Keith Nabb 07/2019
    986 Crossing Boundaries: Turkish-American Youngsters’ Language learning Practices within and across Multiple Discursive Spaces The goal of this study is to explore how Turkish-American students experience the transitions across three discourse sites --mainstream classrooms, heritage language classrooms, and homes -- and how they use their languages as they move from one site to another.   Report Dr. Tuba Yilmaz 04/2019
    1097 Perceptions of Reading Professional Educators on Reading Curriculum The purpose of this research study is to investigate teacher perceptions of the technique they use to teach reading and identify resources and tools needed to teach reading effectively.   Report Dr. Shashu Taylor 09/2019
    1023 Special Education Teacher Shortage and Retention Factors The purpose of the researcher's study is to examine the retention of special education teachers. Abstract Report Dawn Cevallos 1/7/2019
    1001 Teacher Attitudes Towards Positive Behavior Interventions in an Urban School The purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness of PBIS in addressing behavioral problems prevalent in an urban school. Abstract Report Ms. Chana-Kay Pommels 10/26/2018
    971 An Evaluation of Transitional Outcomes for STAR Preschool Graduates This evaluation is a doctoral student project under the supervision of Principal Investigator, Dr. Huenergardt. In an effort to study the lasting effects of the STAR program (Strategies based on Autism Research), the purpose of this evaluation is to observe how students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who have exited the STAR program are performing since transitioning into new non-STAR schools where other autism-supported materials are used. To conduct this evaluation, student records Individualized Education Plan (IEP) will be examined. Reviewing this document them will help paint a picture of each child’s progress in non-STAR school settings. Abstract Report Danielle Clair 8/28/2018
    969 Positive Behavior Support: Exploration of an Applied Behavior Analysis The purpose of this study is to determine if a Positive Behavior Support program effects reading academic achievement. Abstract Report Sammy Demian 8/29/2018
    967 An Examination of Self-Regulation Through Teacher-Child Relationships on Kindergarten Students’ Reading Achievement and Classroom Behavior The purpose of this study is to determine how self-regulation through high-quality teacher-child relationships affects kindergartners’ reading performance and off-task behaviors at a Title I elementary school in South Florida. Abstract Report Katie Sanchez 8/29/2018
    602 Reading Strategies in Secondary Social Studies: Teacher Reported Practice and Professional Development This quantitative study investigated the relationship between high school social studies teachers’ reading professional development through Project CRISS: Creating Independence through Student-Owned Strategies (CRISS) and the implementation of active reading strategies in the classroom. Abstract Report Carmen L. Newstreet 8/31/2011


    The Relationship between Parental Involvement and Student
    Achievement in Reading, Mathematics on the FCAT: A Quantitative Approach
    The purpose of this quantitative research study was to investigate the relationship between student achievement on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test in reading and mathematics and parental participation at school family night workshops, where parents, accompanied by their children, learn strategies to implement during the FCAT Abstract Report Nohemy Paz 1/1/2012
    575 Reading Interventions for the Improvement of the Reading
    Performances of Bilingual and Bi-Dialectical Children
    The purpose of this quasi-experimental study was to examine the effects of reading interventions
    for bi-lingual and bi-dialectal children using research-based strategies combined with metacognitive and metacomprehension frameworks
    Abstract Report Afra Johnson 12/14/2011
    532 Connections: Families and Schools Supporting our Youth This project was a continuation of the Connections Project, which was extended in order to gather
    greater information from school personnel, parents, and community leaders to explore how difficult
    cultural experiences and individual and family strengths converge to shape the family lives and school
    experiences of youth from Latin America, Haiti, and the English-speaking Caribbean.
    Abstract Report Dr. Mercedes ter Maat 8/31/2011
    508 The Principal’s Role In Implementing Professional Learning Communities Within A School: A Case Study Research indicates that schools need to function as learning communities where teachers and administrators collaborate in order to improve student learning. While characteristics and processes for PLCs are universal, methods and procedures for equipping educators with those skills are scarce. Abstract Report Anjani Devi Mohabir 01/07/10
    544 When Positive Language Leads to Positive Classroom Changes: A Grounded Theory of Teachers’ Experience of a Solution-Focused Approach to Classroom Management Educators use numerous strategies to manage classrooms better. Their goal is to apply the majority of their time toward teaching to help the pupils maximize their academic potentials. In an attempt to address classroom management Kim Berg and Shilts (2004) adapted Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT; Berg, 1994; de Shazer, 1985, 1988, 1991, 1994) to create a method of classroom intervention titled “Working On What Works” (WOWW). Abstract Report Maud Budhoo Pasquet 12/09/09
    551 Fifth-Grade Teachers’ Social Studies Knowledge And Beliefs And Their Relationship To Classroom Practices This mixed methods study investigates the relationship between fifth-grade teachers’ social studies knowledge and beliefs and their relationship to classroom practices. Abstract Report Michele Harcarik 11/24/09
    542 Elementary School Teachers and their knowledge of tooth Replantation One out of two children sustained a dental injury. The 7-11-year-old age group is the most commonly affected age range, school professionals should be aware of the importance of immediate treatment procedures in cases of tooth avulsion 1 Abstract Report Alberto Nogera, D.D.S. 06/01/09
    528 Teachers’ Responses to High-Stakes Accountability:In Title I Elementary Schools: A Mixed Methods Study The purpose of this study was to investigate the responses of third grade reading and mathematics classroom teachers to high-stakes accountability policy in Florida’s Title I elementary schools. Principles of Ford’s (1992) Motivational Systems Theory were used to guide the study. Abstract Report Ms. Natasha A. Vernaza 05/11/09
    487 Curriculum-Based Measurement Of Reading And Student Reading Achievement The present study attempts to investigate the relationship between the DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency (ORF) subtest and subsequent student achievement on the Florida Comprehensive Achievement Test (FCAT) across 115 Hispanic and 230 African American students, of which 175 were male and 175 female. The presence of a significant linear relationship between DIBELS and FCAT scores was found. Moreover, the mean scores obtained on the FCAT ’06 and ’07 by male and female as well as Hispanic and African American students did not differ significantly. Abstract Report Ms. Rosa Leyva 06/10/08
    498 Perspectives Of School Board of Broward County Florida Postgraduate Alternatives for Secondary Students (PASS) Instructors on Quality of Life for Students Who Have Completed the PASS Program. This qualitative study investigated perceptions of instructors using the post-graduate alternatives for secondary students (PASS) instructional model to learn about quality of life (QoL) for students with intellectual disability (ID). Abstract Report Dr. Whitney Moores-Abdool 09/16/08
    504 Impact of New Educator Support System Activities on Beginning Teachers’ Teaching Practices This applied dissertation was designed to investigate the impact of New Educator Support System (NESS) activities on beginning teachers’ knowledge of effective teaching practices and their perceptions of the quality of the NESS activities. Abstract Report Ms. Danielle Bradley 09/09/08
    470 An Examination Of School Scheduling, Cognitive Learning Styles, And Other Demographic Variables On The Prediction Of Foreign Language Success In A High School French Course This study investigated the relationship between (a) school scheduling type, (b) cognitive learning styles, (c) student ethnicity, (d) foreign language grade point average (FLGPA), and (e) gender. Abstract Report Andre LaVon Grant 09/09/08
    502 Springbpard Longitudinal Evaluation - Interim Report 2008 Executive Summary The Executive Summary presents the interim findings from a comprehensive three-year longitudinal evaluation of the College Board’s SpringBoard (SB) program that is currently being conducted by the Westat organization. Abstract Report Dr. Michie 07/09/08
    288 The Impact of Dr. Randall Sprick’s Foundations Program on Student Performance in Broward County Public Schools To measure the impact of Dr. Sprick's Foundation Program on schools in BCPS that implement the program's principles, practices and processes. Abstract Report Gary P. Cross 06/30/08
    442 Community College And University Experiences Of High School Dual Enrollment Students The purpose of this study is to examine academic performance and social experiences of students who earn associate’s degrees at Broward Community College through participation in The College Academy, an intensive dual enrollment program, and transfer to a state public university. This study also aims to provide a detailed description of this type of dual enrollment program that transcends the norm for students matriculating through higher education. Abstract Report Laura A. Heath 05/19/2008
    479 Listening to Our Students: What Their Voices Tell Us About High School Social Studies Classrooms The classroom practice of an individual secondary social studies teacher will be studied. The teacher will implement a research and curriculum plan to address the research question: What alternative reading methods may be utilized in place of round-robin reading in the secondary social studies classroom? Abstract Report Carmen Newstreet 05/19/2008
    481 Impact of an Elementary School Academic Camp on Reading, Writing, and Math Scores The purpose of this study was to examine whether or not student academic performance in reading, writing, and math was impacted as a result of attending the target elementary school academic camp (ESAC). The researcher found that the extended curriculum contributed to a significant increase in student scores on the Florida Comprehensive Achievement Test (FCAT). Abstract Report Kowsilla Mangru 03/27/2008
    463 Comparing The Use Of Humor to Other Coping Mechanisms In Relation to Maslach's Theory Of Burnout This study compared the use of humor to other coping mechanisms in relation to Maslach’s theory of burnout. Data were analyzed to determine statistically significant relationships among humor dimensions, other coping mechanisms, and public elementary school principals’ level of burnout. Abstract Report Drew A. Hawkins 3/07/2008
    280 Sources Of Information and Selected Variables and Their Relationship to Teachers' Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) The purpose of this study was to develop a predictive model for teacher knowledge about ADHD and teacher attitudes toward the disorder. The Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Knowledge Assessment (ADHDKA), developed by the researcher, was used to determine the nature of the relationship between teacher knowledge and attitudes regarding ADHD and various sources from which teachers are most likely to obtain information. Four teacher characteristics (teaching position, experience teaching children with ADHD, personal experience with ADHD, and confidence teaching children with ADHD) were also investigated for their predictive value Abstract Report Carole Blume -D'Ausilio 12/01/2005
    465 A Cognitive Behavioral Intervention Used to Improve Anger Management Skills with Second and Third Grade Students The purpose of this study was to examine the effectiveness of a cognitive-behavioral therapy group and its effect upon the reduction of 2nd and 3 rd grade student’s anger and aggressive behavior. The facilitator’s goals were to teach the participating students the essentials of anger, help them recognize their anger, teach them the differences between controlled anger and out of control anger, introduce techniques to help them manage their anger and teach them alternative methods of expressing their anger. Abstract Report Melinda Siegel Wolf 11/26/2007
    216 Schools and Staffing Survey, (SASS) 2003-2004 The Schools and Staffing Survey is conducted on a four-year cycle and will permit analysis not only within each of the components of SASS (i.e., the district file, school file, principal file, teacher file and library media center file), but also across components or files. The data link teachers and principals to their schools and schools to their respective school districts. This linkage across the different respondent groups makes the SASS data unique among school surveys and provides a complete picture of American elementary and secondary education. Abstract Report Kerry Gruber 10/2007
    447 Early Childhood Longitudinal Study-Birth Cohort (ECLS-B) The goal of this study is to provide information to educators, researchers, parents, & policy makers about young children across various developmental domains; children’s early experiences at home & in early care & education settings during early childhood; & various other factors (e.g. health care, family structure) that influence young children’s development. 4 key areas are addressed by the ECLS-B: (1) children’s health status throughout childhood; (2) children’s growth & development in critical domains; (3) children’s transitions to child care & early childhood education programs and to kindergarten; & (4) school readiness. Abstract Report Dr. Karen Morgan 10/2007
    406 2006 School survey on Crime and Safety (SSOCS) The School Survey on Crime and Safety (SSOCS) is conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics on behalf of the United States Department of Education in order to collect extensive data on issues of crime and safety in American public elementary and secondary schools. The survey asks principals about topics such as incidents of crime and violence, disciplinary actions, discipline problems, use of security measures, school policies and practices related to school crime and violence, violence prevention programs and activities, and other school characteristics Abstract Report Kathryn Chandler 09/2007
    315 A Case Study: Perceptions of the Induction Process of Intern Principals in Broward County Public Schools The purpose of this inquiry was to use a qualitative case study approach to identify and document the effectiveness of the 2002-2003 principal induction program sponsored by Broward County Public School District as perceived by the participants. The results of this exploratory study will be useful to developers and designers of future principal induction programs. The chapter is organized as follows: (a) methods, (b) case study approach, (c) rigor of the study and generalizability of results, (d) ethical considerations, (e) setting, (f) sample, (g) data collection (h) document review and field notes, (i) the researcher (j) data analysis (k) reporting of the findings, and the (l) summary. Abstract Report Dr. Paulette M. Shadeed-Samai 6/28/2007
    314 Increasing Vocabulary and Comprehension Skills in Preschool Students With Disabilities Through Shared Reading The problem to be solved in this applied dissertation was to determine the effect of shared storybook reading on receptive and expressive vocabulary and listening comprehension skills of preschool students with disabilities. Abstract Report Nicole Mancini 1/10/2007
    308 Evaluation of Attrition Rates for Beginning Teachers in Public Schools and Development of Strategies for Improvement. The purpose of the research study is to evaluate the attrition rates of beginning teachers in the BCPS. It is intended that the results of this study will reveal alternative teacher preparation strategies the district and schools could utilize to decrease beginning teacher attrition. Therefore, ensuring that specific strategies for improvement are established that assist these beginning teachers in making effective lasting transitions into teaching profession and with BCPS. Abstract Report Rogé James Byrd 1/5/2007
    335 The Timeliness of Keyboarding Instruction as Perceived by Middle School Business Instructors in an Urban School District The final analysis will assist the District in its review of policy on the appropriate grade level for keyboarding instructions. A keyboarding model will be created to test a change in policy on the appropriate grade level for teaching keyboarding. This final analysis with further study will reveal the need for the District to establish a direct initiative for all students to learn keyboarding as a technical skill, specifically those in elementary school. The district will then develop a specific initiative on keyboarding for the parents, community and businesses to partner with and support. This final analysis influences the District’s effort and advocacy for increased infusion of technology in education to benefit student achievement. Abstract Report Yvonne M. Ash 11/8/2006
    405 The Distinguished Gentlemen The Distinguished Gentlemen Project is designed as a Social Skills group for school age boys. Preliminary data suggest that group counseling has a distinct positive effect on student achievement, behavior and attitudes. Abstract Report Mia Hall 6/1/2006
    327 The Effects of Participation in Literature Circles on Reading Comprehension To determine the effects of participation in literature circles on the reading comprehension of middle school students. More specifically, the study examined whether there was a difference in the reading comprehension scores of students after participating in literature circles versus after participating in directed reading activity, and whether there were interactions of type of instruction and students’ overall reading achievement levels. Abstract Report Jodi Crum Marshall 4/10/2006
    345 Development of a Plan to Improve Teachers’ Ability to Instruct Students in the Five Reading Components Associated With the Reading First Program at Schools in Southeast Florida The purpose of this project is to develop a professional development program that provides teachers in grades K-3 with ongoing staff development that correlates with the S reading components (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension) to improve teachers' skills in reading instruction in grades K-3 at Croissant Park and North Fork Elementary. What is needed to assist these teachers is an immediate and effective professional development program that is explicit, systematic, and includes on going staff development, continuous coaching support and modeling. Consequently, building teacher knowledge will ultimately improve student learning and performance. Abstract Report Tangela L. Williams 5/2/2006
    336 Implementation and Evaluation of Strategies to Increase Self-Efficacy Perceptions and Academic Achievement in Teenaged Mothers Enrolled in an Alternative School The project seeks to increase Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test scores (FCAT) and increase grades in reading/language arts by increasing self-efficacy among teenaged mothers and pregnant teens (“teen moms”) at the Hallandale Adult Center (a BCPS alternative school). The investigators hypothesize that mentoring by trained university students and adult female role modeling will enhance teen moms’ perceptions of self-efficacy and that enhancement of self-efficacy perceptions will result in higher FCAT (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test) scores and reading/language arts grades among the teen moms. Abstract Report Dr. Linda Howard 9/1/2006
    268 Navigating the Complexities of Legislation: How Elementary School Principals Interpret and Implement Florida’s Third-Grade Retention Policy Results from my study serve multiple purposes. As a result of the third-grade retention policy, thousands of third-grade students have been retained or re-retained (Florida Department of Education, 2004c); however, this policy has brought forward several mandates and initiatives geared to support students who struggle with reading. Because of the mandate to use particular supports, examining the relationship between degree of support available and retention rates may help current principals assess (or reassess) their practices to provide the interventions proven to benefit students at risk for failure. Abstract Report Dr. Courtney Caldwell Zmach 8/7/2006
    288 The Impact of Dr. Randall Sprick’s Foundations Program on Student Performance in Broward County Public Schools To measure the impact of Dr. Sprick's Foundation Program on schools in BCPS that implement the program's principles, practices and processes. Abstract Report Dr. Randall Sprick 9/1/2005
    226 Elementary Classroom Teacher Job Satisfaction and Class Size To determine if there is a direct correlation between elementary classroom teacher job satisfaction and class size. Abstract Report William Nicholas 5/31/2004
    192 A Study of Teacher Response to a Program of Whole School Change To investigate how secondary level teachers respond to a program of whole school change and understand the reasons for various teacher responses to systemic change, responses which can prevent, delay, or promote successful implementation of whole school change. Abstract Report Gail Solomon 12/15/2003
    171 Literacy Instruction, Personnel, and Governance at State-Designated High and Low Performing Schools To determine the impact of the school grading policy on literacy instruction, personnel, and school governance at Florida Public Schools. Abstract Report Deborah Earley 9/12/2003
    203 Social Networks and School Adaptation in Immigrant Children and Adolescents To study changes in the social networks of newly immigrant in relation to school adaptation. The study is designed to address two major deficits in knowledge regarding the adaptation of immigrant children to the U.S. school environment, including (a) lack of information about the impact of immigration on students at different age/grade levels and (b) the absence of longitudinal data regarding initial adjustment following immigration. Abstract Report Mary Levitt and Jerome Levitt 8/31/2003
    188 Fox in a Box Enhancement Study The current version of Fox in a Box includes activities for kindergarten through Grade 2 and is intended to help teachers ensure that the students in their class meet or exceed national benchmarks in literacy development. CTB is enhancing Fox in a Box with activities for assessment in Grade 3 as well as adding vocabulary assessments to Grades 1 and 2. The research conducted in Broward County schools will be used to verify the reliability and validity of the enhancement to Fox in a Box. Abstract Report Bruce Randel 8/22/2003
    200 Improving Fifth Grade Mathematics Is to create, implement, and measure the effects of a three-tiered mathematics-tutoring program for fifth-grade students. Abstract Report Terrilynn Latour 8/10/2003
    190 Conducting Functional Behavior Assessments and Subsequent Behavior Intervention Plans for Emotionally and Behaviorally Disordered Students in Grades K-5 To create and implement a team based Functional Behavioral Assessment process and subsequent Behavior Intervention Plan. Abstract Report Ellen Ahiyon 7/14/2003
    191 Dilemmas of Planning and Implementing Whole-School Reform To explore the dilemmas of planning and implementing whole-school reform in a middle school from the perception of administrators, teachers, and parents. Abstract Report Rochelle Abramowitz 6/15/2003
    185 A Study of The Relationship Between Teacher Absenteeism Selected Teacher Attributes School Schedule and Their Effect on Student Achievement The purpose of this archival study will be to relate teacher absenteeism to student achievement in middle and high schools situated within Broward County, Florida, Public Schools, the independent variable. Teacher absenteeism will be defined generally as student achievement in mathematics in grade 8 and grade 10. The intervening variables, teacher attributes (i.e. age, gender, educational level attained, and years of teaching experience and school schedule (Traditional V. Block) will be statistically controlled. Abstract Report Shirley Bayard 3/31/2003
    174 Florida Schools' Best Practices To examine and identify the common practices that lead to high performance on the FCAT exam across schools in the state of Florida and to describe how these practices look at the district, school, and classroom levels. Abstract Report Cynthia Wilson 3/15/2003
    140 Determining the Efficacy of a Training Tool to Increase Awareness of Vocal Misuse Among Teachers The purpose of this project is to create videotape for teachers regarding vocal misuse and necessary tools to prevent or correct the problem. Abstract Report Susan Berlinger-Schwartz 9/1/2002
    193 Improving Kindergarten Children's Writing The purpose of this study to create, implement, and measure the effects of a comprehensive Abstract Report Lori Canning 7/10/2002
    142 Variables and Perceptions Impacting Teacher Retention and Recruitment: A Two Phase Study To gain a better understanding of the factors and perceptions which contribute to first year teachers leaving the teaching profession. The results of the study will be shared with school districts and state departments of education to suggest effective methods of teacher recruitment and retention. Abstract Report Mary Lieberman, Robert Shockley 3/15/2002
    132 The Comparison of Three 8th Grade to 9th Grade Transition Programs in a South Florida High School To determine whether the educational environment impacts student achievement; whether it impacts student attendance; if academic performance is maintained in Grade 10 when the Learning Community Academy students return from the BCC campus to the Blanche Ely High School campus; and if there is a relationship between school climate, attendance, and GPA as determined by student responses on the National Association of Secondary School Principals' School Climate Survey. Abstract Report Kris J. Black 2/10/2002
    11 Project BEAMS: Benchmarks of Exemplary Achievement in Middle Schools Project BEAMS: Benchmarks of Exemplary Achievement in Middle Schools was designed with the aim of developing the knowledge base on how middle schools can achieve positive learning results for students with disabilities in the context of improving learning outcomes for all students. Abstract Report Dr. Marie Huges & Dr. Batya Elbaum 1/15/2002
    117 Academic Achievement of Students with Disabilities in Co-Teaching, Resource room, and Support Facilitation Models The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of three delivery models, resource room, co-teaching, and support facilitation, on the reading and math achievement of students with mild to moderate disabilities. The subjects of this study consisted of 231 students with mild to moderate disabilities enrolled in 29 schools and serviced in one of these three delivery models. Abstract Report Rene Shaw 12/10/2001
    99 A Survey of School Based Family Counselors' Ethical Decision Making This survey examined school-based family counselor’s ethical decision making. Thirty-four family counselors employed in a Florida school district were surveyed using a four-part questionnaire. Abstract Report Richard Henderson 5/10/2001
    122 A Longitudinal Study on the Co-nect Design To investigate the impact of the Co-Nect restructuring initiative on student achievement levels and identify the quality of the school reform initiative and whether it is achieving intended results for two schools in Broward County, FL. Abstract Report Dannett Babb 5/1/2001
    105 Impact Study of NAF Career Academies to examine in-depth critical questions about the impact of the NAF Career Academy experience of students, alumni, and teachers. Abstract Report Dr. Margarate Orr 10/15/2000
    9991 The Relationship Between Leader Behaviors and Characteristics and School Culture To explore how specific leadership behaviors and characteristics of principals impact the development of a positive school culture and how those behaviors and characteristics are perceived by teachers. Abstract Report Constance Hall 4/1/1999
    9935 On-Site Technology Coordinators and Their Impact on the Achievement of Technology Standards in Broward County, Florida, Public Schools Explore relationship between the standard of on-site support, the predictor variable, and the five technology standards of service, hardware, software, networking, training, and integration, the dependent variables. Abstract Report Steven J. Montes 8/1/1998
    9950 Florida HIPPY Corps Initiative Evaluation 1996-97 To evaluate the impact of the HIPPY program on kindergarten children. Abstract Report Zena H. Rudo, Ph.D 3/3/1998
    9971 Predicting Scores on the Florida Entry Level Placement Test Study the relationship between selected high school academic variable sand entry level testing performance among Broward community College students. Abstract Report Joseph Forman 10/24/1997
    9957 Collaborative Classroom Practices of Speech Language Pathologists in Broward Public Schools Investigate current collaborative classroom practices of speech pathologists Abstract Report Teresa Madsen-Yarish 5/17/1997
    9949 Job Satisfaction among Broward County South Area Speech-Language Pathologists Determine primary reasons why speech-language pathologists continue to remain employee in the south area of the Broward County School System. Abstract Report Julie J. Gold 12/1/1996
    26 Individual Differences in Self-Regulation This project seeks to identify individual differences in patterns of resistance to temptation. Abstract Report Dr. Lauri Jensen-Campbell 4/15/1996

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