•  Caliber Awards

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    Recognizing and Celebrating Broward County Public Schools Outstanding Teachers, Principals, Assistant Principals and School-Related/District Employees.

2018 School Related/District Employee of the Year Finalists

  • The School-Related/District Employee of the Year Award recognizes outstanding non-instructional support personnel for the significant contributions to our schools and communities. The award honors individuals who have demonstrated exceptional skill and dedication in the performance of their jobs, thereby earning the respect and admiration of students, teachers, administrators, co-workers and parents.


    Mary Alvarez Mary Alvarez
    Office Manager/Confidential Secretary
    Lyons Creek Middle School

    Mary Alvarez has served 18 of her 24 years in BCPS at Lyons Creek Middle School, where she is currently the office manager and confidential secretary.

    "Not only is Ms. Alvarez extremely knowledgeable about the many different facets of our school, she is extremely creative and often takes the initiative to do whatever it takes to get the job done," said Principal Horace Hamm. "She is the epitome of going the extra mile with a smile and creating positive relationships with our parents, students, staff, and business and community partners."

    Susan Costa Susan Costa
    Office Manager/Confidential Secretary
    Deerfield Beach High School

    A 28-year veteran of BCPS, Susan Costa has served as office manager and confidential secretary at Deerfield Beach High School for the past 16 years. Her goal is to make each day a little easier for her principal, assistant principals, faculty, staff, students, parents and community members.

    "Ms. Costa is extremely efficient and diligent in her responsibilities," said Principal Jon Marlow. "She is an instrumental part of the daily operations of our school, and leads the way to ensure an environment that is conducive to student achievement."

    Andrea Larkin Andrea Larkin
    Office Manager/Confidential Secretary
    Bayview Elementary School

    Andrea Larkin's 23-year career in BCPS has taken her from school bus attendant to office manager and confidential secretary at Bayview Elementary School, where she has served for the past four years.

    "Ms. Larkin is dedicated to student achievement as much as any teacher," said Principal Tonya Frost, who describes her as a master of building staff morale. "The team looks to her for leadership and guidance in daily operations, and she has developed relationships that fuel exceptionally efficient office operations."

    Tony Merrell Tony Merrell
    Facility Serviceperson
    Park Ridge Elementary School

    In his two years as facility serviceperson at Park Ridge Elementary School, Tony Merrell is credited with transforming the school's facility and grounds into a bright and beautiful campus. "Mr. Merrell embodies his mantra, 'I am Park Ridge,' in everything he does, and outshines others as he seeks to make sure the quality of his work is outstanding," said Principal Joseph Balchunaus. "He is often seen doing things that make our school better just because he knows it will make a difference. Mr. Merrell is a perfect example of the love and passion that an employee can bring to a school."

    Frinette Volquez Frinette Volquez
    Office Manager/Confidential Secretary
    Hallandale High School

    Frinette Volquez began her career with BCPS 13 years ago as a cafeteria aide. She currently serves as the office manager and confidential secretary at Hallandale High School. "Ms. Volquez is dependable and incredibly hard-working," said Principal Mark Howard. "She is always going above and beyond to ensure that exceptional customer service is provided to all stakeholders. She is a true team player who fosters positive attitudes and brings out the best in others. She is an exemplary role model."