Application Procedures for Assistant Principal Vacancies

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  • Assistant Principal Vacancies

    Click here to view available district administrative vacancies on the AppliTrack website. Current vacancies are located under the "Administration, District" section.

    Procedure for Applyting to Assistant Principal Vacancies

    Broward County Public Schools has implemented a new web-based application system (AppliTrack), for all Principal positions. Candidates interested in Principal positions must complete the on-line application and upload all required documents. 

    To get started, you will need to access the electronic AppliTrack or copy and paste in to your web browser: Once there, under "Job Applicants" select "Start an application for employment." On the right side, under "Activities for You" select "START - Begin the Process". You will complete user information and create a password (to begin a candidate profile). Your "User ID" will be the email address you enter. Your email address will be used to communicate with you.

    After you complete the application, you will want to visit "Administration, School" often to review current Principal positions.

  • Applicants for Assistant Principal Vacancies must:

    • Hold a master's degree or higher from an accredited institution
    • Have completed the LEAD Program (or comparable program)
    • Have three (3) years of school experience or district administrative experience (Pay Grade 23 or higher)
    • Hold a Florida Department of Education Educator Certificate indicating Educational Leadership

    Listed below is information and documents that will be required when you complete the on-line application. It is recommended that you have this information prior to beginning your application.

    • Detailed resume indicating experiences and qualifications aligned to the new Florida Principal Leadership Standards related to the position prepared in Microsoft Word format (Example: Smith_T_Resume.doc). One to two pages of the resume must indicate your employment history.
    • End-of-the-year Performance Evaluations for the last three years of employment scanned in pdf format.. (Example: Smith_T_Eval101112.pdf)
    • A copy of your Florida Educators Certificate indicating certification in Educational Leadership and a copy of verification of completion of Broward County Public Schools LEAD Program (or similar district-based program for out-of-district applicants). (Example: Smith_T_Cert.pdf)

    NOTE: To be considered for any assistant principal position, all out-of state and out-of-district applicants who do not hold a Florida Educators Certificate in Educational Leadership MUST submit a Statement of Status of Eligibility or a permanent certificate in Educational Leadership from the Florida Department of Education. 

    In addition, out-of-district applicants with no previous experience as an assistant principal must submit verification of completion of a program that is equivalent to Broward County Public Schools LEAD Program. For information regarding the LEAD Program, please contact Leadership Development at 754-321-5002.

    • School-wide data and/or your specific teacher data for 2016-2017, 2017-2018, and 2018-2019 from each school at which you worked submitted in pdf format. (Example: Smith_T_Achievement Data.pdf)
  • Required Documents

    All required documents must be uploaded as part of the on-line application process. Applicants may upload up to a 2MB file (types: doc, txt, jpg, pdf, and other common formats). When scanning a document for upload, we suggest you scan the file at 100 DPI and in black and white to reduce the file size.


    • Transcripts conferring degree(s) earned and credits completed. Official transcripts will be required if you are selected for the position. Your degree must be from an accredited university.
    • If position does not require a college degree, you must upload at least your high school diploma
    • Applicants with academic training and degrees granted outside the United States MUST submit a credential evaluation report that includes a statement of degree equivalency and a breakdown of the coursework and semester hour credits. An accredited two or four year college or university in the U.S., or a credential evaluation agency can provide this report. A list of approved agencies may be found at here.
    • Current SBBC employees do not need to submit official transcripts if highest degree is documented in the BRITE/SAP. However, please follow the below instructions to access and upload education requirements:
      1. Access:
      2. Login using your User ID and Password by clicking "ESS/ERP LOGIN."
      3. Click on Employee Self-Service, the "Overview" section will open.
      4. Click on "Career and Job," and then select "Education and Instructional Info."
      5. Print the "Education" listed, and upload as an attachment to AppliTrack.

    Application & Hiring Process

    1. Login to AppliTrack and complete the on-line application and upload required documents.
      1. When you complete the application, you will be able to indicate “types of positions” you may be interested in (i.e. Finance, HR, etc.).
    2. Review the Administration, School Vacancies posted on-line.
    3. Review the job description to verify you qualify for the position.
    4. Modify your application and select specific positions during the advertisement period.
    5. After the position closes, the Talent Acquisition & Operations Department will review all the applications submitted to verify eligibility. You will receive a confirmation email from AppliTrack after your application has been successfully submitted.
    6. Candidates selected for an interview will be contacted (2-8 weeks after position has closed).
    7. Selection team selects a finalist(s) to be recommended.
    8. Talent Acquisition & Operations completes background check, request information (i.e. W2, etc). Hiring supervisor of selected candidate(s) is contacted.
    9. Recommended candidate’s name is submitted to the Regular School Board Meeting for approval.
  • Globe Foreign Educated Applicants
    Applicants with academic training and degrees granted outside the United States MUST submit a credential evaluation report that includes a statement of degree equivalency and a breakdown of the coursework and semester hour credits. Any academic training, diploma, or degree granted from Puerto Rico must be translated to English. An accredited two or four year college or university in the U.S., or a credential evaluation agency can provide this report. View a list of approved agencies.

    All materials submitted become the property of the Talent Acquisition & Operations Department, will not be returned to the applicant, and are subject to the Florida Sunshine Statutes. 

  • Important Notice

    Per Florida Statute 119.071(5), this is to notify you of the purpose for collecting and utilizing your Social Security Number. Providing your Social Security Number is a condition of employment at Broward County Public Schools. To protect your identification, Broward County Public Schools will secure your Social Security Number from unauthorized access, and strictly prohibit the release of your Social Security Number to unauthorized parties contrary to state and federal law.

    Social Security numbers are collected for legitimate business purposes during the recruitment, selection and hiring process with Broward County Public Schools.  Your Social Security Number will be used for completing and processing the following actions: Employment application for determining certification eligibility [1012.56 F.S.], Completion of federal I-9 form for the filing and issuance of federal employment forms [8 USC 1324a(b)], Completion of federal W-4 form for filing and issuance of federal employment forms [8 USC 1324a(b)], Florida Retirement Contribution Report [119.07(5)(a)6.b], and Conducting criminal background screening [1012.56 F.S.]. Your Social Security Number may be used as a unique numeric identification within some of our systems and may be used for search purposes.

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