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    Research, Evaluation & Accountability is a department within the Academics Division

    Throughout the year, the Assessment team assists schools with all aspects of Broward's assessment program including preparing, administering, and reporting of state-required and district tests.

    The Research team releases briefs, reports, and evaluations that provide knowledge and support to strengthen decision making by the Superintendent, the School Board, and district and school-based administrators.

    The School Improvement team facilitates the completion, implementation, and monitoring of School Improvement Plans through quarterly, face-to-face, interactive professional learning for School Advisory Council chairpersons and administrators. 

    The Research, Evaluation & Accountability department reside in two locations; the Kathleen C. Wright (KCW) building and the Twin Lakes facility.

Recent Releases

  • Cognia Survey Report

    BCPS Cognia Survey Results, 2022-2023

    This memo and the attached appendix summarize students’, parents’, teachers’, and noninstructional staff participation in the end-of-year Cognia surveys. Four surveys are available: those taken by elementary (grades 3-5) school students, middle-high (grades 6-12) school students, parents, and staff (teachers and non-instructional staff respond to the same staff survey).

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  • Statewide Assessment Results, 2022-2023

    The Florida Department of Education released the official results for Spring 2022-2023 Florida Assessment of Student Thinking (FAST). These memorandums summarizes the results at the district, state, and school levels for all tested students.

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  • Attendance Rates, 2021-2022

    This brief summarizes attendance trends in Broward County Public Schools for the 2021-2022 school year. Absences are classified as excused (parent/guardian notified the school), unexcused (no parent/guardian notified the school), or suspension (external suspension). Results are presented in figures and tables, and additional materials are included in appendices.

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  • SAT School Day Results, 2021-2022

    The SAT, a college entrance exam offered through College Board, provides many benefits, both to students and schools. The Florida Department of Education partnered with College Board to provide a school day administration of the SAT to all eleventh grade students.

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