Neglected & Delinquent Services

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  • Neglected and Delinquent Program

    Students residing in homes for neglected youth participate in the regular academic program at their assigned public schools. Students who are identified as needing additional academic assistance receive supplemental after-school tutorial services provided by a certified teacher funded through Title I.

    For students residing in institutions for delinquent youth, Title I funds the services of paraprofessionals or retired teachers to assist students with language arts and mathematics skills under the supervision of the classroom teacher. Transition specialists play a key role in assisting students who are exiting the Delinquent Program.  They ensure that students have a seamless transition back to their home school or the appropriate placement. All services are coordinated with the local dropout prevention program, juvenile justice system, existent health services, and other educational programs designed to meet the particular needs of at-risk youth.

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