Instructional Technology

Instructional Technology
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    The Instructional Technology team assists in opening the digital doorway for all learners in the district, including students, teachers, and staff, through customized training, modeling, and ongoing support.  Instructional Technology Facilitators work with schools to develop pathways to personalized learning through the various digital programs, tools, and resources throughout the district.

  • Meet the Team

    LoriAyn Stickler
    LoriAyn Stickler
    Project Manager

    The Instructional Technology unit of the Department of Innovative Learning provides instructional support to all Broward schools in the integration of technology and the shift to personalized learning, offering a variety of professional learning opportunities, both online and face to face. The 2018-2019 school year brings many digital applications to Broward schools, teachers and students, along with a menu of support options.

    Adam Rizzi Brittany Aponte
    Brittany Aponte
    Adam Rizzi
    Instructional Technology Facilitator
    Brittany Aponte
    Instructional Technology Facilitator
    Dana Rubenstein
    Instructional Technology Facilitator
    Griselda Rodriguez
    Instructional Technology Facilitator
    Karen Kaya Martina Blanco Paula Jasser Rhonda
    Karen Kaya
    Instructional Technology Facilitator
    Martina Blanco
    Online Course Designer
    Paula Jasser
    Instructional Technology Facilitator
    Rhonda Weinmann
    Instructional Technology Facilitator
    Sarah Myhre Sharlene Kellier Tina Swanton
    Ron Marx
    Online Course Designer
    Sarah Myhre
    Instructional Technology Facilitator
    Sharlene Kellier
    Instructional Technology Facilitator
    Tina Swanton
    Online Course Designer

    Look for your Instructional Technology Facilitator (ITF) in the table below.
    Please email your ITF for additional information and school support.

  • Blended Learning


    The definition of blended learning is a formal education program in which a student learns: (1) at least in part through online learning, with some element of student control over time, place, path, and/or pace; (2) at least in part in a supervised brick-and-mortar location away from home; and (3) the modalities along each student’s learning path within a course or subject are connected to provide an integrated learning experience.

  • Canvas Learning Management System (LMS)

    Broward County Public Schools has selected Canvas as our K-12 Learning Management System (LMS).

    Teachers and students can log on via this link using their Active Directory username and password:

    Learn More About Canvas this Year!
    Training opportunities will be posted in Learning Across Broward (LAB) for teachers, administrators, and district personnel.

    The following Canvas Courses will be offered multiple times throughout the school year. Check Learning Across Broward (LAB) for the most current offerings.

    • Canvas for Teachers
    • Canvas for Teachers, F2F & Online
    • Blended Learning Tips & Tricks in Canvas, F2F & Online
    • Formative & Summative Assessments in Canvas, F2F & Online
    • Collaborative Projects in Canvas, F2F
    • Best Practices for Creating Online Assignments, Office365 & Canvas, F2F
    • Using 3rd Party External Tools in Canvas, F2F & Online
    • Canvas for School Administrators
    • Canvas Champions: Looking for a Canvas Champion at every school!

    Want to keep up with what's new in Canvas and the Digital Resources available? Check out these two courses available in Canvas.

    Keeping Up With What's New in Canvas


  • Digital Army

    Digital Army Logo

    Innovative Learning partners with school administrators to develop a digital army of willing educators ready to personalize the learning experience and deliver professional development in how to use technology to create personalized learning pathways.

    Want to become part of the Digital Army?
    Click here to learn more about the Digital Army available opportunities.

    Look at the table to below to see all the innovative educators who are sharing what they know with others.

  • Digital Classrooms Program

    Digital Programs The Digital Classrooms Program (D2/3/4/5/6/7) provides a 1:1 blended learning environment to students who have access to their Windows device throughout the school day and at home (in most cases). This 24/7 access to their math, reading, and science digital curriculum, a learning management system, and other digital resources provide opportunities for students to personalize their learning.

    The BCPS Digital Classrooms Program is now in 100 schools! The program began in the 5th grade at 27 elementary schools in the 2013-2014 school year and has expanded each year to other schools and in many cases, to other grade levels within the school. Teachers, media specialists, and micro-technologists are provided extensive professional learning opportunities to understand how to implement the program.

  • Digital DLA

    ESOL Department Fourteen Broward middle and high schools are using a digitally-based curriculum program for students who are native speakers of languages other than English to develop and strengthen listening, speaking reading and writing skills and develop independent reading endurance while acquiring the English language (ELL Students).

    Called Digital DLA, the goal of this program is to enable ELLs to control their pace, place and path of instruction by using digital devices and digital curriculum content for communication, collaboration, research, knowledge acquisition, and presentation of learning through assessments. The vision is to move ELLs towards a personalized learning environment in the Developmental Language Arts through a secondary ESOL – Reading course. Digital DLA incorporates digital tools, learning strategies and web based applications in the creation of this personalized learning space.

  • Digital Textbook Access

    Click here for Student Resources Digital Textbooks & Digital Resources

    Click here for DIGITAL RESOURCES - EASY AS...1-2-3!

    (Online repository for Broward County Public School's instructional materials, Canvas resources, and all kinds of really cool learning tools is just what you need.)

  • Global Scholars Program

    Global Cities Global Scholars is an online global awareness education initiative sponsored by Global Cities, Inc., a program of Bloomberg Philanthropies. It connects classes of students, ages 10 – 13, in large urban areas with their international peers using an interactive, multimedia electronic classroom.

    It is currently operating in over 45 cities around the world. There is no cost to participating schools. Global Cities, Inc. provides the curriculum, access to the e-classroom, and professional development. Broward has identified 22 middle schools to participate in the program.

  • Interactive Classrooms Project

    Interactive Classrooms Project

    With the increase and availability of student devices through the SMART Bond and other District initiatives, many schools have identified a need to update the classroom learning environment.  In 2016, the district selected the Recordex Simplicity Touch interactive flat panels to begin the process of standardizing the classroom presentation system.  In phase I, all K-12 media centers received the interactive system.  

    The original Recordex Interactive Classroom system came with a microphone and the NovoPro Wireless collaboration system.   Schools had the choice to receive a document camera and slate. The Recordex system can be used for hands-on interactive lessons, independent student stations, or with teachers in Professional Learning Communities. Built with a smart TV interface, students and teachers can easily access and share interactive media, browse the Internet, present content, and wirelessly collaborate. Up to ten students can annotate on the screen at one time, and up 64 students can wirelessly connect to the system with mobile devices using the NovoPro wireless collaboration system.

    In February 2017,  phase II of the Recordex Interactive Classroom initiative began with the Information and Technology Department installing 1,000 Recordex systems in classrooms.  Schools received approximately 1 system for every 200 students.  Principals selected the classroom teachers that received the equipment.  Media Specialists played a key role in modeling the use of the system and supporting the classroom teachers that receive the equipment. Micro techs were also instrumental in supporting classroom teachers in using the board. 

    Interactive Classroom Project Professional Learning

    Classroom teachers receiving the Interactive Classroom system are required to attend 2 full days of Professional Development.  Day 1 of PD focuses on the system and peripherals and integration into the current instructional process.  Day 2, which occurs the following week, focuses on effective teaching and learning using the Interactive Classroom system in a blended learning environment.

    Professional Learning for the Interactive Classroom is ongoing. Teachers can log onto Learning Across Broward (LAB) to register. Training for the following Interactive Flat Panels will begin again in the 2019-2020 school year:

    • The  Interactive Classroom Teacher Recordex
    • The Interactive Classroom Teacher Promethean

    Interactive Classroom Project YAMMER Group

    The District has a Yammer Group for Interactive Classroom Teachers to collaborate, share ideas and ask questions. Yammer is a private social network available through Office365 and only visible to Broward Schools employees.   To join the Interactive Classroom Yammer, click on your Office 365 waffle or 9 square and select the Yammer tile.  Complete your profile and click the Discover More Groups link to look through all of the groups in BCPS, or use the Search box and type Interactive Classroom Initiative-Recordex. Click the Join + button and request an invite.

    The Vision

    Each school in the district will receive a Recordex IFP and various peripherals to create an Interactive Classroom. The number of Recordex IFPs is based on the number of FTEs at each location. Professional Development will be available to train Interactive Classroom teachers on the use of the Recordex IFP in their classrooms. Teachers receiving the board will be selected through an application process at each school.

    Innovative Learning staff will deliver ongoing support to teachers in creating digital content and developing appropriate blended learning pedagogical practices to transform the learning environment in our quest to Reimagine Learning.

    Learn More >

  • is a leader in providing K-8 digital literacy solutions and offers solutions for grades K-12 that make it easy to integrate digital literacy into everyday instruction. In Broward County, their software is used extensively in the Sprouting STEM Museum Magnet Schools, where it provides the framework for introducing students to the technology skills they require to be future-ready learners and engages them in inquiry-based projects to dive deeper into the connection between core studies in math, science, and literacy and creating digital artifacts using technology applications.

    BCPS & Flyer

    Click here for more information about our Digital Tools.

  • Lighthouse Schools

    Promoting Personalized Learning in Broward County Public Schools

    Personalized Learning

    For the next eighteen months, the selected schools listed below will be participating in the Lighthouse Schools Project for Personalized Learning. We will be working with Education Elements to help design, develop, and implement instructional strategies that bring us closer to what we as a district envision personalized learning to be:

    “An education model that seeks to accelerate student learning by tailoring the instructional environment—what, when, how, and where students learn—to address the individual needs, skills, and interests of each student. Students take ownership over their own learning while also developing deep, personal connections with each other, their teachers, and other adults.”

    Education Elements and Innovative Learning will work with each school to assess readiness and then to develop individual professional development pathways towards reaching this educational goal.

    Are you interested in becoming a Lighthouse School? 

    Please click here to find out more about Personalized Learning and how to apply to become a Lighthouse School.

    2018 - 2019 Current Lighthouse Schools

  • Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE)

    microsoft innovative educator badge Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) programs are designed to help educators move along a pathway from those who are just beginning to integrate Microsoft tools into the classroom to becoming leaders of innovation in education. Microsoft has developed these programs to recognize global educator visionaries who are using technology to pave the way for their peers for better learning and student outcomes. This is the first step on a journey of joining a professional learning network of enthusiastic educators who come together to learn, share, and grow.

    Start your journey by becoming a Microsoft Innovative Educator. MIEs are educators that are using Microsoft tools in the classroom and have learned the fundamentals of some of these tools, such as Windows 10, Edge, OneDrive, Word online, PowerPoint online, Excel online, Sway, One Note, and OneNote Class Notebook. Participants will learn how to use the Office 365 applications for student collaboration and about 21st Century Learning Design to help set the foundation for technology integration in their classrooms.

    To become a Microsoft Innovative Educator, you need to attend a 2 day, face-to-face training and join the Microsoft Educator Community. To register, please go to  Learning Across Broward and search for “Microsoft Academy.” Upon completion, participants will receive a MIE certificate and digital badge.

    To learn more about the Microsoft Innovative Educator programs, please click on the following link,

    Microsoft Innovative Educators

    Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainers

  • Newsela

    NEWSELA Newsela is an innovative way to build reading comprehension with nonfiction that is always relevant: daily news. It is easy to use and has amazing articles for students to read. Every article is written at five (5) reading levels and is Common Core-aligned.

    Articles are high-interest topics, leading students toward a deeper examination of content through interactive annotations and editable written-response questions. From astronomy to zoology, there is something for every student’s taste and every teacher’s subject area. The program automatically assigns articles to students and teacher are able to see who read the story, passed the quiz and took notes, all in a single screen. The teacher and administrator binder record student results and displays reading-level achievement in a crystal-clear, visual format.

    BCPS & Newsela Flyer

    Click here for more information about our Digital Tools.

  • Personalized Learning


    An education model that seeks to accelerate student learning by tailoring the instructional environment - what, when, how and where students learn - to address the individual needs, skills, and interests of each student.

    STUDENTS TAKE OWNERSHIP OVER THEIR OWN LEARNING while also developing deep, personal connections with each other, their teachers, and other adults.



  • Teacher Playground

  • Technology Integration Matrix (TIM)

    Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) Training Application

    What is the Technology Integration Matrix?

    The Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) illustrates how teachers can use technology to enhance learning for K-12 students. The TIM incorporates five interdependent characteristics of meaningful learning environments: active, constructive, goal directed (i.e., reflective), authentic, and collaborative (Jonassen, Howland, Moore, & Marra, 2003). The TIM associates five levels of technology integration (i.e., entry, adoption, adaptation, infusion, and transformation) with each of the five characteristics of meaningful learning environments. Together, the five levels of technology integration and the five characteristics of meaningful learning environments create a matrix of 25 cells, each with a description of the types of activities and technology tools used.

    What is the Technology Integration Matrix Observation (TIM-O) Training?

    The TIM-O is a flexible tool for classroom walkthroughs that can be used for formative feedback, peer coaching, grant evaluation, or professional development planning. The TIM-O is a web-based system that works on any device and requires no software installation. It’s designed to guide principals, teachers, and others through the process of evaluating the level of technology integration within a particular classroom. When completed, the tool produces a profile for the observed lesson in terms of the Technology Integration Matrix.

    Broward County Public School is offering training opportunities for administrators, teachers, magnet coordinators, media specialist, and district support staff on how to effectively use the TIM- O tool when observing classrooms using technology. Participants in this training will learn how to identify the various technology integration levels and the different learning environments. Collection of this data is extremely valuable as it is a requirement to the state in order to receive our annual Digital Classrooms allocation which helps us to purchase technology and to deliver ongoing professional development.

    What do you have to do to become a TIM-O Observer?

    1. Complete a 1-day TIM-O face-to-face training (Technology Integration Matrix Observer) at a location in Broward County Public Schools.
    2. Complete a 20-hour online training course (TIM for Instructional Design & Coaching) through Canvas.
    3. Complete the application below and obtain principal’s signature indicating approval of your training participation and ability to conduct observations during the year.
    4. There is a $500 stipend for completing both trainings and conducting five (5) TIM-O
      observation/coaching cycles (Pre-Conference –> TIM Observation –> Coaching Session –> Follow-Up Observation). These observations can be done at your home school or any school in Broward County.
    5. In order to receive the $500 stipend you must complete the online course after work hours. The face-to-face training can be completed through a TDA signed by your principal.

    TIM-O Observer Application

    Please fill out the following application to indicate your interest in becoming a TIM-O Observer.

  • combines the world’s smartest dictionary with an adaptive learning game that will have you mastering new words in no time. Students do not just memorize but rather achieve mastery.  Students can ditch the flash cards and stop memorizing definitions. teaches them words by systematically exposing them to a wide array of question types and activities that help them understand all the meanings and nuances of every word they are learning. Even after achieving mastery, the software continues to reinforce what students have learned to make sure that it all stays fresh in their memory. More information to come to the district for use second semester.

    BCPS & Flyer

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