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  • Leveraging Libraries to Improve Student Achievement (LLISA) 

    About Library Media Services: 

    The Department of Innovative Learning, Library Media Services (LMS), launched the “Leveraging Libraries to Improve Student Achievement (LLISA)” initiative. Moving forward, LMS will continue to provide ongoing leadership, advocacy, and support for building quality library media programs that:   

    • Create a resource/digital-rich teaching and learning environment that is inviting, safe, flexible, and conducive to learning, and supports multiple literacies   
    • Cultivate a collaborative culture of inquiry and literary analysis/appreciation 
    • Integrate information, communication, and technology across curriculum 
    • Encourage independent, ethical exploration, creative production, and communication of information and ideas, and   
    • Guide schools to ensure collections are current, accurate, and reflective of the communities they serve. 

    Leveraging Libraries

    With the transition from the Florida Standards in ELA and Math to B.E.S.T. Standards that embed research literacy skills into every curriculum content area, school libraries, and library media specialists play key roles in the development of inquiry, literacy, and lifelong learning skills, students will need to become college, career, and "life” ready. As librarian-teacher leaders, they, too, are the “digital content brokers” weaving, modeling, and supporting the effective integration of technology throughout the teaching/learning process.  

    A thriving school library program equates to increased student engagement, personalized learning opportunities, and access to the variety of digital resources available within and beyond their schools. Our partnership with the Broward County Public Library and Nova Southeastern Library further expands access to additional digital resources, online databases, homework assistance, and literacy events throughout the year.  

    Through our partnership with Broward County Public Library, students continue to have access to electronic books and audiobooks. For students to have access to the Broward County Library's additional electronic resources, they need to opt-in to the Digital Direct Card through the Student Code of Conduct at the beginning of the school year.  E-books can be read on a computer or any device.  Now students have access to current books anytime, anywhere. Broward students are readers and readers are leaders! 

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Library Media Services

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    Celia Taylor

    Curriculum Supervisor Library Media
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    Instructional Facilitator Library Media
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    Staff Developer Library Media
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    Cherise Gonzalez-Brown
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     Instructional Facilitator
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