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  • Broward County Library and Broward County Public Schools Partner to Deliver Educational Resources and E-Books!

    It is finally here! The much anticipated partnership between the Broward County Library and Broward County Public Schools.  What does this mean? It means that Broward County Public School students, who have parental permission to opt-in to the Digital Direct Card (see link to Digital Direct Card for more information),  will have access to a wealth of digital resources that can be accessed anytime.

    Students will benefit from the variety of digital resources available through the public library.  The digital resources consist of several online databases, homework assistance, access to the resources at the Nova Southeastern digital Library  This partnership is a wonderful opportunity to support personalized learning for our students. 

    Students will also have access to the many E-books using Axis360.  The E-books can be read on a computer or any device using the Axis360 app.  Now students have access to current books anytime anywhere. Broward students are readers and readers are leaders! 

  • Beanstack

    Reading Across Broward is now digital through the Beanstack App!  Beanstack is a digital tracker for independent reading which replaces the paper and pencil version of the Reading Across Broward reading log.  Students earn badges for each book read.  Media Specialists can also set up challenges for reading competitions.  Beanstack has increased the power of reading in Broward Schools through its ease of access and badging system.  Students now have access to read any time they choose. Students should contact their media specialist or School Beanstack Administrator for more information. 

  • Digital Direct Card

    Digital Direct Card Flyer

  • E-Books

    Broward students now have options to access ebooks and audiobooks for any time anywhere reading.  Through the Library Media partnership with the Broward County Library, books are available from Axis360. Ebooks are also available in Destiny if the school has purchased ebooks. eBooks and audiobooks are also available using the Axis360 app. See flyer below.  Students can find out more from their school's library media specialist.

     Axis360 Free eBooks & Audiobooks

  • Interactive Classrooms Project

    Interactive Classrooms Project

    With the increase and availability of student devices through the SMART Bond and other District initiatives, many schools have identified a need to update the classroom learning environment.  In 2016, the district selected the Recordex Simplicity Touch interactive flat panels to begin the process of standardizing the classroom presentation system.  In phase I, all K-12 media centers received the interactive system.  

    The original Recordex Interactive Classroom system came with a microphone and the NovoPro Wireless collaboration system.   Schools had the choice to receive a document camera and slate. The Recordex system can be used for hands-on interactive lessons, independent student stations, or with teachers in Professional Learning Communities. Built with a smart TV interface, students and teachers can easily access and share interactive media, browse the Internet, present content, and wirelessly collaborate. Up to ten students can annotate on the screen at one time, and up 64 students can wirelessly connect to the system with mobile devices using the NovoPro wireless collaboration system.

    In February 2017,  phase II of the Recordex Interactive Classroom initiative began with the Information and Technology Department installing 1,000 Recordex systems in classrooms.  Schools received approximately 1 system for every 200 students.  Principals selected the classroom teachers that received the equipment.  Media Specialists played a key role in modeling the use of the system and supporting the classroom teachers that receive the equipment. Micro techs were also instrumental in supporting classroom teachers in using the board. 

    Currently, there are two Interactive Classroom Systems supported by Innovative Learning and the Information and Technology Departments.  They are the Recordex Interactive Flat Panel and the Promethean Interactive Flat panel.  Professional Development opportunities for each panel are discussed below. 

    Interactive Classroom Project Professional Learning

    Classroom teachers receiving the Interactive Classroom system are required to attend 2 full days of Professional Development.  Day 1 of PD focuses on the system and peripherals and integration into the current instructional process.  Day 2, which occurs the following week, focuses on effective teaching and learning using the Interactive Classroom system in a blended learning environment.

    Professional Learning for the Interactive Classroom is ongoing. Teachers can log onto Learning Across Broward (LAB) to register. Training for the following Interactive Flat Panels will begin again in the 2019-2020 school year:

    • The  Interactive Classroom Teacher Recordex
    • The Interactive Classroom Teacher Promethean

    Interactive Classroom Project YAMMER Group

    The District has a Yammer Group for Interactive Classroom Teachers to collaborate, share ideas and ask questions. Yammer is a private social network available through Office365 and only visible to Broward Schools employees.   To join the Interactive Classroom Yammer, click on your Office 365 waffle or 9 square and select the Yammer tile.  Complete your profile and click the Discover More Groups link to look through all of the groups in BCPS, or use the Search box and type Interactive Classroom Initiative-Recordex. Click the Join + button and request an invite.

    The Vision

    Each school in the district will receive a Recordex IFP and various peripherals to create an Interactive Classroom. The number of Recordex IFPs is based on the number of FTEs at each location. Professional Development will be available to train Interactive Classroom teachers on the use of the Recordex IFP in their classrooms. Teachers receiving the board will be selected through an application process at each school.

    Innovative Learning staff will deliver ongoing support to teachers in creating digital content and developing appropriate blended learning pedagogical practices to transform the learning environment in our quest to Reimagine Learning.

    Learn More >

  • Library Resources

    (Download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print PDF)

    Library Media offers many educational resources that can be accessed anywhere anytime from our Canvas or Destiny Library Manager portals.  Click this link to download a pdf with the steps.  See your school's media specialist for more information. 

    Library Media Resource Access Through Canvas

  • Literacy Resources

    Reading Research

    Dictionary Social Studies/History

    Science Math

  • Reading Motivation

    • Reading Across Broward is the Superintendent's long-standing Reading Motivation Program.  This program encourages independent leisure reading for all K-12 students. Elementary students have the option of completing a paper reading log or using the District's latest application, Beanstack to track their reading. Students earn certificates for the number of books read from April 1st to March 31st.  The Florida Association for Media in Education (FAME) is the state organization for Media Specialists.  The FAME Committees create lists of the best books selected by a committee of media specialists from across the state and voted online by Florida students.  The winning author is celebrated at the annual  FAME state conference. The lists are the Sunshine State Young Reader Awards for elementary and middle.  The high school list is the Florida Teens Read.  The Flordia Reading Association also provides an annual list for elementary.  Find out more from your school's media specialist. 

  • Summer Digital Learning and Reading

    Broward County Library

    Broward County Summer Flyer

    Join the Summer Learning Program at Broward County Library. Click the image above to go to explore the resources available by BCL.

    Beanstack is a platform for reading challenges and book recommendations for any organization, especially libraries and schools.


    Axis360 Flyer

    Need a good book to read virtually? Follow the instructions (page 2 accessing Library Resources using Destiny) at the link below to access eBooks and Audiobooks from the Axis360 Magic Wall!
    Library Media Resources


    For Broward County Public School Students Only

    Beanstack Flyer

    • Track your reading all summer long in Beanstack
    • Participate in the Broward County Library Summer Learning Program.
    • Link your Broward County Public School Library and Broward County Library Beanstack accounts.

    Click this link to view the Beanstack School-Guide BCPS PDF

    Library Resources Access

    BCPS Resource Flyer Image

    Need help to access the Library Media Resources. Click this link to access the instructional PDF that provides step-by-step instructions on accessing the resources.

    Nova Southeastern University Alvin Sherman Library 

    For info on the library’s summer programming, visit


    For info on the library’s digital resources, visit

    NSU Alvin Sherman Library Summer Fun

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