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Innovative Learning
  • The Innovative Learning department is dedicated to sparking innovation, one learner at a time. There are multiple units within the departmental including Gifted and Talented students, Global Scholars, Instructional and Digital Materials, Instructional Technology, and Library/Media.

    Gifted & Talented

    The Gifted and Talented team works to address the unique needs of students identified as "gifted and talented." "Giftedness" is a status determined by a formal mechanism that identifies a cohort of students who have processing differences that enable exceptional mastery and/or engagement with a domain of knowledge or demonstrable skill.

    Schools have an obligation to identify and provide services for gifted and talented students from kindergarten through twelfth grade. A student may be referred for screening for gifted and talented by a parent/guardian, a teacher or other staff member, the student themselves or any other individual with knowledge of the student. Broward County Public Schools universally screens all second-grade students for gifted and talented with the CogAT. The State of Florida defines a gifted and talented student as "one who has superior intellectual development and is capable of high performance." Teachers of the gifted and talented must be appropriately endorsed by the State of Florida or working towards endorsement.

    Global Learning

    Broward schools promote global learning to prepare students for their world. Facilitated by the Innovative Learning department, two programs are being offered in the middle and elementary grades as follows:

    Global Scholars connects twenty-five (25) participating middle school students to other participating schools around the world. Using Internet-based educational activities, project-based learning and other instructional strategies as an elective or within a specific content area, the goal is authentic learning to develop students’ global citizenship while enhancing critical skills. For more information go to

    Out of Eden Learn is being piloted during the 2019 -2020 school year to 5th graders in two elementary schools. The program is an initiative of Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. For more information about the program go to Out of Eden.

    Instructional and Digital Materials

    The Instructional and Digital Materials team strives to provide Broward County Public Schools with information regarding instructional materials that support 21st Century teaching and learning. Instructional Materials personnel are dedicated to providing the highest quality instructional materials to students and teachers. We are driven to affect student achievement and to acquire, organize, and make available the sources of information needed to purchase and maintain the District’s instructional materials.

    Instructional Technology

    The Instructional Technology team mentors educators to develop pathways to personalized learning through the Lighthouse Schools, Digital Classrooms, and Digital Infusion Programs. The team also delivers professional learning workshops designed to help teachers meaningfully infuse technology into everyday teaching and learning experiences. View the Innovative Learning Course Catalog to learn more about how we support BCPS Digital Applications!  Click here for the Innovative Learning Course Catalog.


    The Broward County School Library mission is to provide face-to-face and blended learning experiences for students and teachers to become effective consumers & producers of print and digital tools and resources; actively promote reading for learning and pleasure; provide high-level, personalized instruction and active learning experiences through 21st Century library media programs and spaces; and to support college and career readiness skills and digital inclusion for all students.

    Lighthouse Schools

    Innovative Learning and Educational Elements have partnered to promote Broward’s understanding of personalized learning through the Lighthouse Schools Program. Broward believes that "personalized learning is an education model that seeks to accelerate student learning by tailoring the instructional environment- what, when, how, and where students learn - to address the individual needs, skills, and interests of each student. Students take ownership over their own learning while also developing deep, personal connections with each other, their teachers, and other adults." Selected schools work with their Lighthouse Schools Coaches to design, develop, and implement instructional strategies that bring us closer to what we as a district envision personalized learning to be. Personalized learning at the classroom level includes elements of targeted instruction, flexible content, data-driven decisions, and student reflection and ownership. Please click to find out more about Lighthouse Schools, and to view a list of our current Lighthouse Schools.

    Tech Meetups

    The Innovative Learning Team partners with our digital application vendors to sponsor Tech Meetups throughout the school year. Participants have the opportunity to learn new ed-tech teaching strategies and collaborate with colleagues. BCPS teachers can register for the Tech Meetups in LAB and earn in-service points during these great nights of collaboration, delicious food, and lots of fun!

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