ESE Endorsements

  • In an effort to increase the number of highly effective teachers and improve student rates of learning, the Florida Department of Education (DOE) is requiring that selected teachers of students with autism spectrum disorder or prekindergarten children with disabilities have specialized training. 


    Documenting Experience to Satisfy State Requirements for PreK  Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder Endorsements (will not result in endorsement on certificate)

    If employed at a Broward County Public School as a full-time teacher, have administrator complete a letter on official school letterhead documenting the following and submit to the district certification office:  (a) teacher's first and last name, (b) teacher's certification, (c) the number of years of teaching either students with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Prekindergarten Students with Disabilities (must be at least two full years of contracted teaching), and (d) verification that the experience was earned between July 1, 2006 and June 30, 2011.

    NOTE Contracted community agency and charter school employees should maintain documentation in their school's FTE audit file.  Do not send to district certification office.

    Use of Teaching Experience to Waive Coursework for those Adding the Endorsement to their Certificate

          A maximum of two years of appropriate teaching experience to replace up to six semester hours of coursework may be granted; Department of Education will determine if experience is appropriate – not the Broward Certification Office.
      • Download Teaching Experience Verification form and SEND TO BROWARD CERTIFICATION OFFICE for electronic processing to the Department of Education. DO NOT SEND to the Bureau of Education Certification in Tallahassee as indicated on the form.
      • Submit application for endorsement to Department of Education with $75 fee and official transcripts for any coursework taken.