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Inservice Points

  • All Broward County employees can earn district inservice points, which can be utilized for different purposes as a full-time teacher.  They are outlined below:

    • Teachers who have completed three years of consecutive full-time teaching in Broward and have a valid five-year professional certificate can use the points for eligibility towards the Basic or Advanced Incentive.  For more information on incentives, please Click Here
    • Points can be used for renewal of the five-year professional certificate, as long as they are within the validity date of the professional certificate, with the exception of approved ESOL and Reading coursework which can be banked* and used for future renewals
    • Bankable inservice is coded with a “V” in the requirement code column in your inservice record
    • Bankable inservice previously used for recertification is coded with an “S” in the requirement code column in your inservice record
    • ESOL and Reading coursework taken at a college or university must be sent to the Certification Department for input in your inservice record – send transcripts to Certification: Attention for ESOL or Reading credit
  • Transferring Inservice Points Between Florida School Districts

    Transferring Inservice Points Between Florida School Districts

    Inservice activities completed during the validity period of current professional certificates may be transferred between Florida school districts. The process involves communicating with the school district from which points were earned and the school district where the teacher is currently employed. ESOL and Reading inservice points are bankable if earned while holding a valid temporary or professional certificate. 

    If you separated from Broward county schools, and are teaching in another Florida school district, you may transfer your inservice activity by following the “Outgoing Inservice Transfer Process” outlined below. 

    Teachers currently employed with Broward county schools, who previously taught in another Florida school district, may transfer inservice activity to Broward County by following the “Incoming Inservice Transfer Process” outlined below.

    The following information will guide you through the process of transferring points to and from Broward County schools. 

  • Incoming Inservice Transfer Process

    Incoming Inservice Transfer Process:

    Contact the school district you vacated and request an OTE 206 form be completed, signed and mailed to the Certification Department, School Board of Broward County, Florida, 600 Southeast Third Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301

  • Outgoing Inservice Transfer Process

    Outgoing Inservice Transfer Process:

    Download and complete the Inservice Transfer Request Form and email to:

    Please note:
     All requests to transfer inservice activity must contain all information requested in the form. Incomplete requests will not be accepted.