• The Yellow School Bus Story Broward County Public School s’ Student Transportation and Fleet Services (STFS) Department is committed to the safe and timely transportation of all Broward County Public Schools' bus riders in compliance with federal, state and local guidelines.  The department is divided in to five (5) bus terminals located geographically across Broward County (Pompano Beach, Oakland Park, Davie, Pembroke Pines and Southwest Ranches). Each bus terminal is identified by distinct routes number (1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000). This facilitates effective and efficient communication between Transportation and stakeholders.


      Federal and State Safety Requirements School Buses Are Safe

    School buses were designed with student safety in mind. The yellow color is easily seen by motorists, even in their peripheral vision. The sides of the vehicle are reinforced to protect passengers in a crash, and the high seat back provides protection during an impact. Parents who think that their children are safer if they personally drive them school should consider this: students are about 20 times more likely to arrive at school safely via school bus than if their parent drives them.

    School Buses Reduce Traffic

    Suppose the elementary school closest to your house serves about 500 students. Can you imagine what the surrounding roads would look like at 8 am if a few hundred parents drove there separately, all trying to get to the school to drop off their children? In fact, each school bus removes an average of 36 cars from the roads.  More children on the bus means fewer cars on the road. This means less traffic, lower emissions, safer roads around the schools at drop-off and pick up. The impact of your choice to use school transportation can touch many others in a positive way.

    Walking School Bus How Do I Get My Child To School If They Can't Ride The School Bus?

    The final decision about what is the most appropriate way to get a child safely to and from school must rest with the parent(s)/guardian(s). The parent/guardian is the person most knowledgeable about the child's abilities and is in the best position to choose the safest and most appropriate way in their area to get the child safely to and from school. Some options that a parent/guardian might want to consider are: walking with a parent/guardian; walking in a group with other students/parents; being driven to school (by a parent/guardian, grandparents, friends, etc.); carpooling; riding bikes; public transportation; private transportation providers; and childcare providers.

    Learning Opportunities

    Parents can teach their children how to manage their time efficiently if they make use of the services offered by a school bus. Since a school bus operates on a strict and definite time schedule, then parents can give their children a time limit to prepare every morning or else they will miss the school bus. It will teach them to wake up early so that they can prepare the things they need for school and it may also teach them to be responsible with their time.

    Special Needs Bus Committed to Students

    Our Bus Operators and Bus Attendants average over ten years of transportation experience and all our employees participate in an extensive safety training program. Our team also performs regularly scheduled and ongoing vehicle maintenance checks to ensure our fleet of school buses are in the best operating condition. STFS is a very extensive operations in comparison locally and nationally.

    Technology Drives Efficiency and Effectiveness

    STFS provides transportation services to two hundred and thirty-four (234) public schools (K-12 and Technical Colleges). An average of 74,000 students are transported daily travelling close to 16.3 million miles annually.  The department creates, maintains, and executes daily services based on student eligibility, educational programs, and average ridership. Global Positioning System (GPS) is installed on all school buses for use to locate school buses, identify driver actions along with estimated bus arrival to respond to customer requests.

    School Bus Buses Make School Accessible For All

    Access to quality education is critical for all children, which makes school buses an absolute necessity.



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